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Your brow regime is about to get bigger and better thanks to Benefit

Last month I was lucky enough to attend the exclusive launch of Benefit’s new brow range. I’ve been a fan of Benefit for years and was devastated when I dropped and broke my beloved Brow Zings as it was my go to eyebrow product. Though that was back when my makeup collection was small and modest, now I have enough to paint an army!

The range consists of 13 products, some old and some completely new! When a huge box got delivered to my house two weeks ago I knew I was in for a treat. Benefit pride themselves in not only creating awesome and innovative products but also displaying them in the coolest ways possible. I received 4 products from their new range; Ka-brow, Gimme Brow, Goof Proof Brow Pencil and BrowVo! Conditioning Primer, presented in a box designed like a pin ball game! It was even personalised with my name, now if that’s not going above and beyond then I don’t know what is.IMG_3923


DSC_0388But enough about the packaging, I’m sure you want to hear about the products themselves…

DSC_0389 (1)

This product really stood out to me as I use a gel to fill in my eyebrows nearly everyday. Before this I was using MAC’s gel liner in “Dipdown” which is actually an eyeliner not a brow gel but it did the trick! Now I have a brow gel specifically formulated for brows. The consistency is soft and creamy, it’s easily buildable and lasts throughout the day. Because of the fine brush you can create delicate, individual strokes that are extremely natural looking. This is probably my favourite product as I love the look it creates. My only qualm is the brush is a bit too fine for certain areas of my brow, especially if I’m in a rush but that can be easily fixed by just swapping this brush with a slightly thicker one.

BrowVo! Conditioning Primer


A primer for your brows? Who’d a thunk it? We’re all used to using a face primer before our foundation but I never thought I’d see the day when we’d be using one for our brows too! This nutrient enriched primer conditions and smooths your brows and enhances and extends the wear of other products. The applicator is soft and feels like you’re giving your brows a little brush. I usually put this on before any products and wait for it to dry. I find it really preps your brows and gives them a fuller look before you’ve even started filling them in!

Goof Proof Brow Pencil

There isn’t a more apt name for this product. It’s literally goof proof. I’m not a huge fan of eyebrow pencils, I think they’re quite hard to get right but when I used this I was astonished at how easy and quickly it filled my brows. I think it’s because of its unique slant and creamy consistency. The pencil is double ended with a handy spoolie at the other end which I’ve learnt you can never have enough of! I’d recommend this to anyone but especially those who are a bit cautious or just beginning to do their brows.

Gimme Brow
DSC_0390 (1)

Last but not least, Gimme Brow! This is one of Benefit’s best sellers and a huge cult-favourite. I was actually embarrassed to admit I had never tried it before receiving this one! You can wear this product alone for a more natural look or over product to set your brows and achieve a fuller, polished look. I really find it sets your brows in place and abolishes any sparse or unruly brows. I used to use a simply clear gel to set my brows but am definitely a convert to Gimme Brow now!

If you’re interested in seeing these products on me then head over to my Instagram where I’m wearing them in all my recent selfies!

The range will be available from June 24th so keep your eyes peeled! So what do you think? Will you be hitting the shops to pick yourself up some new brow goodies?





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 *I received or was sent these products but in no way was my opinion swayed and all are still my own 🙂

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