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2018_goalsWelcome to my first post of 2018!

A belated happy new year! I hope everyone enjoyed the festive season and some much deserved time off. I certainly did. But alas, the break is over, another year has passed and 2018 is here.

Last year I wrote about setting goals instead of resolutions, something I still stand by! Writing and setting goals helps put things in perspective and I always think it’s nice when you’ve achieved one and get to tick it off!

Goals for 2017

Complete 3rd year with honours

Reach at least 7k on Instagram

More collaborations and partnerships

Continue working and gaining experience

Worry and stress less

Get my ass back to the gym

So the above was my goals for last year. I’m happy to say I achieved most of them! I happily completed my third year of college with honours while also working part-time. It wasn’t easy and at times very stressful but I’m very proud of how far I’ve come academically. Speaking of work, I’m still with Connector. I received a promotion last May, spoke at the 3xe conference and was part of a team that won two marketing awards. The experience I’ve gained along the way has been invaluable, not to mention the special relationships I’ve made which make work thoroughly enjoyable.

In terms of blogging, I did not reach 7k on Instagram but to be honest I care very little. At the end of the day, it’s just a numbers game and right now I don’t have the time or energy needed to commit myself to growing my page. Maybe after college, I’ll throw myself into it! I did, however, work with some incredible brands during the year! For the past year, I’ve been working with Havana Therapy, during the summer I worked with TK Maxx and most recently I got to team up with AIB! I’ve taken loads of little breaks away and even went on my first press trip abroadDespite not having as much time as I’d like to dedicate to blogging, this year has been truly rewarding.

I, of course, tried to worry and stress less. I’m not sure I did the best job of that though and will need to carry this goal with me through to this year. Lastly, I got my ass back to the gym briefly… then took it right back out again! Terrible, I know, but I literally haven’t the time at the moment. I do want to go back as I kind of miss it (something I never thought I’d say).



Goals for 2018

Complete 4th year with honours

More collaborations and partnerships

Save money for the future

Visit America

Cut the shit

So! My goals for 2018. As you can see, some are the same as before. I obviously want to finish 4th year with honours, might as well keep up the winning streak! Last year was very inspiring in terms of blogging collabs and I definitely want to continue working with amazing brands this year too.

Scary stuff but I’ve also been thinking about the future a lot. In this economic climate, buying a property is not something that happens easily so I’ve already started saving. Not much fun but necessary. I’d like to visit America though, which counteracts the savings goal a tad. I was blessed with the most gorgeous nephew last year but unfortunately, my brother is based in LA. I mean, it could be worse, I’ve always wanted to visit the states so it’s a perfect excuse for a trip!

Lastly, I just want to cut the shit. In all aspects of my life. I don’t have time for pettiness, unnecessary drama or to be social media obsessed. Although it comes with the territory of being a blogger, I’ve become a bit disheartened with the entire industry. Personally, I feel like I waste too much time online and not in the moment (and that’s saying something because I know I’m not the worst culprit!) I just think I could spend my time a lot better and that this will also help me be happier. I’ve already started using social media less and have installed a Facebook newsfeed blocker on my laptop. Little steps! I will, however, continue to blog as I love my little space on the web where I can share my thoughts!

So there it is my goals for 2018. Did you make any this year?

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