Are Blogs Still Cool?

A question that’s been on my mind for quite some time…

Does anyone still read blogs?

Am I wasting my time, pouring my heart and soul into a blog post when I should really just be concentrating on Instagram?

I started my blog because I love writing and was totally makeup obsessed. Makeup tutorials on Youtube were a big part of my formative teen years. As were the Youtubers and beauty gurus themselves. I even tried having my own Youtube channel and blog nearly ten years ago. When I got older, I decided I preferred the art of the written word and began my new blog. Initially, I blogged about everything. Mainly makeup, but also fashion, my life experiences and events I went to. As the years went on, I began refining my writing style, took an interest in photography and gravitated towards personal fashion.  

It sounds obnoxious, but it feels like I was blogging and taking an interest in blogs before they were cool. Then suddenly, everyone in Ireland had one. With the rise of the big bloggers, most notably Suzanne Jackson, people began realising the power and influence they hold. There seemed to be a shift from where bloggers became celebrities. No longer the people at home behind their laptop, bloggers were the ones photographers were first in line to snap at events. Not that I didn’t go along on for the ride too.

At one stage, I think I was going to be about three events a week, high on free prosecco and goodie bags. I will say, I met so many great friends, people and industry connections in the first few years that I moved up to Dublin so am thankful for those opportunities.

After a while, I began taking a step back. For a few reasons but mainly because of college, getting a job and the feeling of deja vu. How many times can you do the same thing and go to the same event before it gets old? I really started pouring my energy into getting good grades in college and working the best I could, at the same time. I mean, next week I’m going to London for work to meet with a such an iconic company that my 14-year-old self would have literally pissed herself over the news. (Not literally, but yano, exaggeration makes a point.) But I also felt a bit downhearted by the industry.

So many new faces were popping up and suddenly having followers really started to matter. The pool of bloggers went from small and niche to mainstream and accessible. In fact, it wasn’t even bloggers anymore that were popular, it was influencers. Influencers were being referred to as bloggers despite not even having a blog.

As someone who works with bloggers commercially every day, it feels like no one really cares about blogs. Brands look at your following, influence and engagement on your social profiles. You also write on the side? Great, that’s just a bonus! Having a blog is no longer the main attraction when social media has taken over. Maybe seeing how things work behind the scenes has made me more cynical but this is not my imagination, it’s just the way the game has evolved.

I guess, despite knowing this and knowing I can’t really compete in this corner of the internet, I still carry on. I still brainstorm blog ideas, shoot outfit photos and spend hours writing a single post. Finishing a post that I can be proud of is a good feeling. It takes me away from the worries of everyday life for a while and gives me a space in this crazy world to store my thoughts. Unlike social media platforms, this is something own. Something I controlAnd somewhere where I make the rules. My blog is a labour of love and maybe blogs aren’t really cool anymore but at the end of the day, it makes me happy. This is something I hold onto when I feel like giving it up and am thinking “what’s the point?”

I guess to answer my own question. No, I don’t think I am wasting my time. Life has taught me that the less time spent worrying about what others are doing/thinking and more time focusing on things that benefit me, the more content I am with my life. Which to me, matters more than any of those other things.

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