Beauty Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


Let me start off by saying that I am in LOVE with this product! After seeing bloggers rave about it and for how cheap it was, I knew I just had to go out and try it!

I purchased my bottle in Penneys for only 3.80e. I think this is a very reasonable price for such a big bottle, I’d definitely recommend buying it in Penneys as I’ve seen pharmacies selling this for considerably more! (7/8e range)


I bought this over a month ago and have been using it quite regularly, as you can see there’s still loads left and I’ve found a little goes a long way! It has absolutely no smell and just feels so refreshing on my face. I use it as both a cleanser and a make up remover. It does such a fantastic job of getting my make up off. I use Benefit‘s “They’re Real” mascara, and anyone who’s tried this will know how IMPOSSIBLE it is to get off!! It literally sticks to your lashes and face. Benefit is aware of this that they’ve even brought out a specialised make up remover just for this mascara! I haven’t tried this specific product but now I don’t have to! Garnier‘s cleansing water does the trick! I was pleasantly surprised that it worked on such a tough mascara actually, so that really sold it for me!



Regards to reactions or anything, I’ve had none and I would have quite sensitive skin. It hasn’t broken me out or irritated my eyes so I’ll 100% be purchasing this product again!


5/5 stars! ?

Price: $

100% buy again


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