Benefit’s Bold is Beautiful Project

SDDlMWM07io1rIiVvyw3G7aOcrjT-9QNCR6q3C4xYj8A few weeks ago I attended the launch of Benefit’s Bold is Beautiful Project

I honestly hadn’t a clue what the Bold is Beautiful Project was at the time and I’m sure a lot of you still don’t know, that’s why I’m here to tell you!

Mega cosmetic brand, Benefit launched their Bold is Beautiful Project last year in a few countries such as Australia, USA and the UK. This year they’ve expanded and brought it to Ireland!

IMG_1723So What Is It?

Maggie Ford-Danielson, daughter of Benefit’s co-founder Jean Ford, was at the event to give us all the deets! Basically, for the whole month of May, Benefit are giving away 100% of their profits from every brow wax! Each customer will also receive a full size Gimme Brow as a special thank you for taking part.

Where Are The Profits Going?

This is the best bit! Benefit have partnered up with two extraordinary local charities to give their profits to. These charities empower and help women around Ireland and are unfortunately non-government funded. The charities Benefit picked for Ireland are “Daisyhouse” and “Look Good, Feel Better“.

Daisyhouse help homeless women in Ireland and provide them with accommodation, skills and confidence to better their lives. A lot of these women come from troubled backgrounds of abuse and addiction and the work Daisyhouse do is just phenomenal.

Look Good, Feel Better help women undergoing treatment for cancer by building their confidence through workshops for hair, makeup etc. They focus on the appearance-related side affects that cancer can give that many seem to forget about.

I was lucky enough to speak to the women who run both these charities and they’re just truly inspirational. It was obvious how passionate they feel about the work that they do and they were so gracious that Benefit picked them to partner with.

So ladies (and men), I hope you’re pencilling this into your diaries and booking those brow appointments for May! I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this fab campaign and I hope to see everyone’s brows on fleek 😉



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