Brand spotlight: Charlotte Tilbury's "Bitch Perfect" lipstick

Hello everyone!

Charlotte Tilbury is the new big make up brand to hit the Emerald isle and I am loving it! I use her Magic Cream nearly everyday which I love love love but I’m not here to talk about that!

Today I’m reviewing Charlotte Tilbury’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in the colour “Bitch Perfect“.

First off, this product name is hands down the most bad ass lipstick name ever! Obviously, I loved the colour too and when I saw someone selling it on Depop for €17 I knew that was too good an offer to pass up! Depop is great for picking up unwanted expensive pieces but you have to be careful not to be scammed! So far I’ve only had good experiences though so I’m lucky!

IMG_3989I love Charlotte Tilbury’s lipstick packaging, the gold casing is awesome! It’s so distinctive to the brand.

IMG_3990 IMG_3992

The formula is lovely and heavy, this might have something to do with the kissing tree they’re made out of!

I’m not really sure what that is but on her website Charlotte says,

“The Lip Stick Tree is a tropical plant originating from America, the plump yet prickly red fruits appear like pouting lips that blow kisses at you as you walk by. The colour from its seeds was originally used by Indigenous American people to paint and protect their lips. It also contains light-diffusing pigments that give lips a brilliant, luminous, multi-dimensional finish – they capture the light across the lips and reflect it back out for a full-bodied effect.”

IMG_3993You can see the shimmer she was on about on my hand swatch above! The colour is very similar to my natural lip pigment so it gives it a nice natural boost!

So there you have it! You can buy Charlotte’s lipsticks in Brown Thomas for €30, which is very expensive for a lipstick in my opinion, so do look out for them on Depop! My username is meiling_t by the way if you want to check my profile out!

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury’s products before? What do you think go them?


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  1. I bought the colour ‘sexy sienna’ and absolutely love it! I find the formula lovely and long lasting. Besides the hefty price tag it’s hard to find something wrong with this product.

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