Brand Spotlight: My Top Make Up Dupes

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Today’s post is all about affordable makeup pieces I’ve found that can be used as an alternative to their more expensive counter parts! And hey, who doesn’t love a low cost alternative!

Starting us off is one of my favourites!

Gosh “Prime’n Set”IMG_4880*Gosh’s “Prime’nSet” is the perfect substitute for MAC’s “Prep+Prime Transparent finishing powder”. In fact, I would go one step further and say it’s better. Not only is “Prime’nSet” a finishing powder but it can also be used as a primer. It’s super soft and feels amazing on the skin. What really synched the deal for me was the packaging. The way MAC designed their container is awful. All the product falls out every time you open it and makes such a mess! Gosh was incredibly innovative and put a handy dispenser in that you can open and close with no mess! Amazing!

MAC’s “Prep+Prime Transparent finishing powder” retails for €26 and Gosh’s “Prime’nSet” for €13.99


Left: MAC – Right: Gosh

w7’s Lip and Cheek tint in “A hint of Rio”

Next up is *w7’s lip and cheek tint in “A hint of Rio”. This product is very close to Benefit’s “Lollitint”. My first reaction to “A hint of Rio” was “woaaah this product is bright!” but looks can be deceiving and once blended it’s not that scary at all! I’m not a huge fan of tints just because personally, I prefer powder blushes but this is still a very good and affordable dupe to Benefit.

Benefit’s “Lollitint” retails for €33 and w7’s “A hint of Rio” for €4.50.

8802308784158IMG_4886 IMG_4888 

w7’s mascara “Absolute Lashes”

Here is one of the biggest surprises! I love Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara, it’s my go to mascara and I wear it all the time. My only fault with it is how hard it is to take off. When w7 sent me their *”Absolute Lashes” mascara, I couldn’t believe how identical the packaging was. Thankfully, not only does it look like Benefit’s, it’s also just as good!! The only thing I prefer about “They’re Real” is the slightly thicker wand but on the other hand “Absolute Lashes” is way easier to take off at the end of the day!

Benefit’s “They’re Real” retails for €24.50 and w7’s “Absolute Lashes” for an amazing €3.50.



Left: “They’re Real” – Right: “Absolute Lashes”


w7 “Absolute Lashes”


Benefit “They’re Real”

Wet n’ Wild’s lipstick in “Sugar Plum Fairy”

IMG_4946IMG_4951IMG_4952I bought this lipstick in Dunnes after I saw Youtube “Andreaschoice” wearing it! It looked really cute on her and I immediately wanted it! I also didn’t have many colours like it so there was also that! “Sugar Plum fairy” is actually near identical to MAC’s cult favourite “Rebel”! M3EW29

Unfortunately, Wet n’ Wild’s texture isn’t as nice as MAC’s. It doesn’t exactly glide on easy but that’s pretty much my only fault and at only €2.99 I really can’t complain!


 *I received or was sent these products but in no way was my opinion swayed and all are still my own 🙂

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