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nouveau lashes expressGet lashes in minutes with Nouveau Lashes Express treatments

Long, lustrous lashes are something girls are always trying to achieve. Whether it be through mascara, strip lashes or extensions, there are tons of options out there, you’ve just got to shift through them to find what works for you.

I’ve been a fan of Nouveau Lashes and their strip lashes and glue for quite a while now so when I got the opportunity to try out their Express treatment I jumped at the chance! Nouveau Lashes offer three express treatments; Striplashes, Lash Fillers/Clusters or Lash Extensions. I’d previously tried their striplashes and had never, ever had lash extensions so I decided to give them a go.

I was kindly arranged to visit The Brow Boutique in the Jervis centre where the lovely Katie explained the process to me. The individual lashes she would be applying were synthetic, non-damaging and would last up to two weeks. They’re more natural than semi-semi-permenant lashes but just as glamorous and less hard wearing on your eyes.

The application itself took less than an hour and was surprisingly comfortable! The lashes are applied while your eyes are open but Katie was so quick and delicate I hardly felt a thing. As you can see the lashes are so delicate and incredibly long, Katie used a mix of lash sizes ranging from 8 (short) to 14 (the longest). If you are looking to try this treatment out I’d highly recommend Katie as she was so friendly, fast and efficient!



My first night with the lashes felt fine and it wasn’t till the next morning when I rubbed my eyes that I remembered I actually had the extensions in! I showered the next day which was painful, as again, I forgot about the lashes and rubbed my eyes really hard! I’d definitely recommend you be a bit cautious the first few day of getting them in, unlike me! By my third shower they felt like my own lashes and any discomfort I felt previously was gone. Katie informed me you can even go swimming with the lashes and it won’t affect them!

Something I thought was really cool was the way the lashes were staggered and stacked. So even when a lash fell out or I accidentally rubbed one off, that area didn’t look bare as there were more underneath. It was also great not having to apply mascara! Anything that makes my routine faster is always a plus for me.

For €35 (including removal) I honestly think this is a wonderful treatment, especially for anyone going on a trip away or wants something that lasts longer than strip lashes but not as long as semi-permanents!

A huge thanks to Nouveau Lashes and The Brow Boutique for taking such good care of me and offering me the chance to try this treatment!

So what are your thoughts? Have you tried any of Nouveau Lashes’ treatments before?nouveau_lashes_7Shot by Lorna Duffy


 *The treatment I received was complimentary but in no way was my opinion swayed and all are still my own. If you want more information please see my Disclaimer page 🙂

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