Brand Spotlight: Organic Surge | Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser


Cleansing is one of the most important steps in caring for your skin


I believe having a good cleanser is everything. I’ve tried many but never a hot cloth cleanser so when I received this particular one from Organic Surge* I was intrigued and excited to give it a go.

For cleansing and makeup removal I have a few go-to products. For a quick and easy cleanse I always reach for Garnier’s Micellar water which is cheap, cheerful and does the job. But I think of this product as more of a surface cleanser as I find it doesn’t give your skin a deep cleanse and not all your makeup residue will be removed. When I shower I always use my Clarisonic as this gives a very deep clean but I prefer using this in the shower as it’s better to use with a lot of water and I have a tiny sink!

So I guess I’ve been looking for a product that’ll do the job for in-between these two occasions! As I said previously, I’d never tried a hot cloth cleanser but had heard loads about them. Organic Surge’s is from their Extra Care range and is enriched Damask Rose Oil, Shea Butter and Orange Peel Oil. These are not only great for our skin but they also smell fab!




So what did I think of this product?

I really love it. I’ve been testing it for the past week and a bit so I could really get a feel for it and give a truthful opinion. But honestly, after the first use I knew I was on to a winner. It’s pretty easy to tell straight away with a cleanser if it’s good or not at it’s job.

My face felt lovely and tight (in a good way) after and my makeup was completely gone. The consistency is thick and feels great when being rubbed onto your face. After that it was just a case of simply wiping everything off with a face cloth and some hot water and voila! I haven’t found any problems in regards to irritation or breakouts and my face actually feels less oily the next day. This is a HUGE plus for me as I suffer from oiliness and breakouts a lot.

All in all, I’m a big fan of this cleanser. I’ve yet to try the rest of Organic Surge’s products but I’m hoping I like them just as much!

RRP: €18.99

You can find Organic Surge products in Allcare Pharmacies.


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*I was gifted this product but in no way was my opinion swayed and all thoughts are still my own 🙂

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