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spectrum brushes review

spectrum brushes review

spectrum brushes review

spectrum brushes reviewSpectrum Brushes | The World’s most Instagrammable makeup brushes!

Today’s review is for all the make up lovers out there. These mermaid-worthy Spectrum Brushes are one of a kind and I was lucky enough to be sent their “Attention Seeker” 10 piece essential set to review.

Spectrum Collections are an online brand which specialise in unicorn inspired makeup brushes and accessories. They have a huge presence on Instagram which is no surprise as their brand is the epitome of sassy, flirty and fun. I’ve been testing these brushes out for the last few weeks and here’s how I got on.


So I have to admit the packaging was the main thing that drew me to these brushes. I mean, look at them! The colours are so vibrant and without a doubt, stand out in your make up bag. If you’re not feeling the pink, Spectrum also have the Marbelous collection. White and grey brushes with rose gold ferrules, literally a blogger’s dream! Unfortunately, they’re all sold out at the moment but should be back in stock soon.


These brushes apply makeup like a dream. I was initially dubious as the bristles are so soft but the application process is pretty flawless. One of my favourites brushes, the BO1 – Flat Top Buffer, is a superb foundation brush and I much prefer it to the normal flat foundation brushes. Another favourite would be the A17 – Angled Brow for my eyebrows as it’s super sharp and gives that precise line that I like.

When it came to cleaning I was a bit worried the dye in the brushes might run but to my delight not a drop ran! Another big thumbs up for me is that they didn’t shed either. This is a mark of a really good quality brush. I remember when I received my first proper brushes when I was around 15 and when I washed them bristles fell out left, right and centre, I was so disappointed!


This is a biggie and super important for people who only buy cruelty free and ethical products. Spectrum Brushes are made from high quality synthetic hair, are vegan registered and cruelty free. I was really happy to see this and Spectrum have this information plastered all over their site which is something I think more brands should do. They also disclaim that no unicorns were harmed in the making which is of course, just as important! 😉


In conclusion, I highly rate these brushes. Honestly, I’m not just giving them a good review because I was sent them but I actually really like them and am thoroughly impressed with them. They tick all the boxes for me and you don’t have to break the bank to buy them. This 10 piece set is currently €42 on their site, it’s hard to find better value than that! I have to say they also hold a bit of a soft spot for me as I found out the owner owns the most beautiful staffy (just like Poppy!) after following them on snapchat. (@spectrumbrushes)


spectrum brushes review

spectrum brushes review

So what do you think? Have you fallen head over heels for these beautiful brushes? Or have you used them before? Let me know!

You can purchase Spectrum Brushes on their Website and connect with them on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Snapchat: @meiling_t

*I was sent these products to review but in no way was my opinion swayed and all are still my own. For more information have a look at my Disclaimer page. 🙂


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