Clarisonic Chats: A Morning with Dr Robb Lowe

Hi guys!

This week has just been crazy, along with a million assignments due, my modem decided to break so I was left internet-less! Disaster!

Luckily, I had a few events to keep me sane. On Wednesday, I went along to an exclusive meet up with Clarisonic founder, Dr Robb Lowe.


I, along with 4 other bloggers and journos, got the chance to have an in-depth discussion with him and learn the whole Clarisonic back story. I’d of course heard of the Clarisonic before but I’d never actually tried it so I was really interested in learning all about it!

The Clarisonic was originally designed for professionals but soon blew up after everyone recommending and raving about it, including Oprah!

Of course it wasn’t developed over night, Dr Robb showed us some of the first prototypes of the Clarisonic, which were SO cool to see! Prototype B literally looked like, and according to Robb, felt like a torture instrument! 😛IMG_0583

He also explained how fake clarisonics aren’t their biggest competition, hands are! Copy cat Clarisonics can’t even get close to the real thing as they’ve over 40 patents for their inventions, including ones for speed and oscillation. So in this case, you really are paying more for quality!

I was always afraid a Clarisonic would be too harsh on my skin, but after hearing how to use it correctly from the man himself my mind is completely swayed! Apparently, many people don’t use enough water when cleansing their face and the best place to use your Clarisonic is in the shower. They also have new and softer Clarisonic, Sonic Radiance for mature skin which will be launch in Ireland in February.Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 16.46.28

Clarisonic recently brought out a limited edition Mia 2  in collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation. I’ve always loved Keith Haring’s art and the fact that it’s for a good cause makes this a great set! So if you don’t know what to get your daughter, other half or friend for Christmas, this would be a pretty cool gift! 🙂IMG_0585I’ve just started using the Clarisonic (Thank you Róisín!!) so I’m really excited to see the results and share them with you! I’m hoping it’ll reduce the oiliness in my skin and prevent frequent breakouts. DSC_0273

Have any of you guys used the Clarisonic before? Let me know what you think of it!


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 *I received or was sent these products but in no way was my opinion swayed and all are still my own 🙂

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