Darling Eats: Banana Pancakes

DSC_0314  Simple to make and only clean ingredients, banana pancakes are my new go to breakfast dish!

As you’ve probably noticed with my recent posts I’ve been writing a lot more about food and recipes. As with most of the country, I’ve jumped on the healthy band wagon and have really been trying to exercise more and eat better. I saw Erika Fox from Retro Flame making these on her snapchat one morning and they looked lovely so I had to give it a go! And as I liked them I thought it’d be nice to share the recipe (though there’s not much to it) with you guys!

Also, this was totally not planned, but it’s kind of perfect that it happens to be pancake Tuesday tomorrow! 😛

What you need:

2 eggs

Medium banana (preferably ripe)DSC_0295

Step 1:

Mush your banana up and whisk the 2 eggs. Add these together and mix well. You could always use a blender to do this if you want a really smooth mixture.

Step 2:

Flip yo pancakes! I used olive oil on the pan but you can also use coconut oil! Personally I’m not mad about the taste of coconut oil and I find it harder to cook with. The first time I made these pancakes I used coconut oil and they didn’t turn out as well as the second batch did.

I also recommend keeping your pancakes on the smaller size as they’re easier to manage that way. You should get around 6 pancakes this size out of your batter. 


Step 3:

Dress ’em up! I love drizzling mine with honey and throwing some berries on top but it’s really whatever floats your boat! Nutella, maple syrup, greek yogurt, you name it!

Let me know what you think of this alternative pancake recipe and I hope everyone has a yummy pancake Tuesday!





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