Darling Eats: Burmese Brunch at The Meeting House

Hi guys!

Hope you’re all well. You may have noticed the title of this blog post! I’ve added a new food category to my blog called “Darling Eats”, catchy eh? I originally had Bud Bites but then I realised that sounds very like bug bites… 😛

Anyway! On Saturday I got to attend an amazing event, the launch of The Meeting House’s new Burmese Brunch menu. I was previously in The Meeting House for Dresses.ie’s Christmas event and the food was YUM, so I definitely had high expectations for Saturday! Brunch 1

I was not disappointed.

When I got in at 12 (very respectable time for a Saturday 😉 ) I was greeted by the lovely Anthony from Yellow Machine PR and then found a table. I was then joined by Kassi, Christelle, Nirina and Ellen and we were served freshly squeezed fruit juices.

A glance at the menu told me too look forward to the food I was about to dig into! First up was an Exotic Fresh Fruit Salad and a ingenious Breakfast Martini that had marmalade in it! IMG_0312

Next on the menu was Glazed Pork Belly served with a Poached Duck Egg, steamed Coconut Bun and TMH Smoked Hollandaise sauce. This was lovely and usually I wouldn’t be a fan of soft eggs but I really liked this one!IMG_0325

The next dish was unusual and nothing like I’ve had before. TMH Boa Buns with crisp lettuce and cucumber, TMH Salsa Verde, Asian raw vegetable slaw, crispy tweet potatoes and smoked Brisket of Beef. Flavour galore! The next cocktail on the menu was one of the nicest drinks I’ve had! The $5 shake is Pulp Fiction inspired and a gorgeous mix of whiskey, banana and chocolate!
IMG_0334 Meeting_House_event_12[1]And last but definitely not least, were Blueberry pancakes which were unreal! I just about managed to fit them in. 😉 

The atmosphere in The Meeting House was so chill and relaxed and the food was evidently awesome. While we ate we were entertained by the very talented singer Jess Kavanagh and her band, who sang an amazing set! Also, confession! This was my first proper brunch and what a first brunch! Obviously, I’d had brunch before but never outside of home with cocktails and friends. I think I’m hooked. 😉IMG_0347A huge thanks to The Meeting House and Yellow Machine PR for having and feeding me! I absolutely love the venue, which is also a late bar so I’ve got to come back for drinks sometime! If you want to check out The Meeting House you can find them here.





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