DIY: White Ripped Skinny Jeans

Lately I’ve been lusting over these pair of white Topshop ripped jeans! Actually, make that any white ripped skinny jeans! So I thought, why not get creative and make my own!




What You’ll Need:

A pair of white skinnies. (I bought mine in Penneys a while ago for 12euro)

A pair of scissors


A Pencil

How To:

1. Make a mark in your jeans with a pencil for where you want the rip.

2. Cut in a straight line, I cut right at the knees.

3. To give the cut a frayed effect I pulled at random threads with a tweezers.



4. If you want, you can put a few extra little rips or holes at the top of your jeans.



I’m actually not sure if I like the holes at the top yet, but they’re done now! ?


'Scuse the iron and the mess ?

‘Scuse the iron and the mess ?



Ta Dah! Now wear your new jeans out with pride! Don’t forget to comment below if you try this out and tell me how it goes!


I LOVE how this outfit is styled! Pic from Tumblr



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