Going Into Hibernation

snow_day_hibernation_examMy last post before I go into hiding…

Can you believe I’m posting a snow outfit look in MARCH?!

The last few days have been pretty unbelievable, to be honest. In case you hadn’t heard, Ireland got hit by the Beast from the East and Storm Emma! This weather medley brought us record-breaking snowfall for the last five days. Even though I’d seen snow¬†before, I’d never seen it like this and in Ireland!

While this unexpected weather was super inconvenient, it was also a lot of fun. The whole country revelled in the Christmassy feeling and the jokes/memes were flying. This week is my last reading week before my final year exams. How are we here already? I still remember writing my blog post about starting college four years ago (are there any OG followers who’ve been around that long?!)

As this is a pretty stressful time, I decided to take a step back from the blog, social media and events. There’s only so many hours in the day and right now, finishing college is my priority. Thanks to the snow lockdown, I had time to shoot a quick look and take advantage of the scenic background. But after this, I’m going into hibernation… well, for a few more weeks anyway!

I’ll try to update my Instagram as much as I can, but the blog will be silent for a while. After I finish exams, I’ll have two months to finish off my 20,000-word dissertation… so much fun awaits! Wish me luck, and hopefully, I won’t be gone long.




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snow_day_hibernation_examShot by myself & my wonderful Instagram husband!

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