Talking about my evolution of style featuring NA-KD Fashion

It’s funny how style evolves… but I guess, if it didn’t, life would be very boring.

Through my 23 years of life, I’ve gone through many different styles and fashion trends. From growing up in super girly Laura Ashley dresses to rocking skinny jeans and slogan tees. As a teenager, I wore skimpy, tight dresses and neon numbers I wouldn’t dare put on now. My go-to stores were H&M and Forever 21 and had amassed quite a collection of Penney’s finest shoes. It’s amusing to look back at old photos now and wonder how I ever lasted nights out in my ridiculously high heels.

After a few more years of experience, a few years of living up in Dublin and the complete takeover of Instagram on the internet, I began to find and curate my true style. Instead of blindly following trends or what my peers were wearing, I began to dress for me, to dress with comfort and buy with longevity in mind. What colours do I actually look good in? What cuts truly flatter my figure? Is it better to buy a piece I can wear again and again rather than something that’s in right now?

My taste has done a bit of a 180 and I now tend to veer towards more masculine, straight cut pieces. I absolutely love tailored suits, culottes, anything that cuts off above my ankles and mom jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I still own my fair share of ‘girly’ dresses but now opt for flowier, flattering pieces rather than skin tight fabrics.

I don’t shop half as much as I used to. In fact, I’m really a terrible fashion blogger as I rarely buy new pieces. When I do, I’ve either given the purchase a lot of thought or I’m collaborating with a brand.

NA-KD Fashion approached me recently for a collaboration and I was thrilled. I’ve seen quite a few other bloggers wearing their pieces and I already knew they sold clothes that suited my style. The first piece I picked up was this Belted Cropped Jumpsuit. The flattering shape, cropped legs and cinched waist immediately drew me to it. I feel like this is a piece that really helps define my look and is one I can wear again and again. The night I wore it someone complimented me on it and said it was effortlessly stylish. That’s such an awesome compliment and something I 100% want to embody.

Another thing about my style that’s dramatically changed is my taste in shoes. I literally avoid heels at all costs now. I LIVE in my Adidas sneakers and flat black boots. This jumpsuit would look great with a pair of black heeled sandals but instead, I sided with my suede grey Adidas Campus sneakers.

By chance and not at all intended, I found the perfect location to shoot this look in. While trying to avoid Storm Ali, Suzie and I ran into the National Gallery for some shelter. Turns out it was also a great place to shoot and the white walls and high ceilings really added some drama to these shots. I’ve got to say I’m really happy with how these photos turned out despite being different from my usual street style shots.

As always, let me know what you think of the outfit and the shots. Tell me, has your style has evolved much throughout the years?

Shot by Suzie Dickinson

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