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I’m back with some more wonderful product reviews for you! The other week I attended new kids on the block, Flormar’s press event. Flormar has just relaunched itself in Ireland and is set to be in retailers, including the Cosmetic Outlet, nationwide in the next few weeks. What’s more is the products will range from as little as €2.95 to €12.95! Amazing!flormar_zps6e67ce85

Makeup artist Leonard Daly was on hand to show us his top five hero products from the brand. I was lucky enough to take some of these bad boys home, minus the bb cream powder so I’m (obviously) excluding that from my review. I did, however take home a nail polish, bronzer, eyeshadow palette, lipstick and lipgloss!

Flormar Nail Enamel DSC_0035I was really excited about trying out this nail polish, especially when I heard that Flormar has a range of a whopping 1000 colours! That’s incredible! 😛 I got to take home this gorgeous summer shade called “Turquoise Green”.


I have to say I was really impressed with this product. It has a wide brush (which I’ve mentioned previously that I love), fast drying time and a great finish. Flormar has a range of different finishes and this one was a “Jelly Look”. It reminds me of a gel polish finish. I applied 2 coats and found medium to little chipping. RRP: €4.45DSC_0024 DSC_0029

Flormar Bronzing PowderDSC_0039The first thing I noticed about this bronzer was how big it was. When it comes to size, this bronzer is definitely king. What I really like about this product its finish. I find a lot of bronzers have too much shimmer in them which I’m not mad about, but this one has the perfect amount!

DSC_0040At €9.95, it’s a steal too as this bronzer will last for ages!

DSC_0045Flormar Revolution Lipstick

DSC_0048 DSC_0049Ok, so I have to admit I wasn’t exactly taken with this colour. I’m definitely more of a nude or deep lip girl so this bright orange definitely had me a bit taken back. This shade is called “Proactive Orange”.DSC_0004This colour definitely isn’t for the faint hearted but there’s, of course, tons of other great colour available! RRP: €6.95
DSC_0053Flormar Colour Palette Eyeshadows

DSC_0054I do love a good nude palette! In fact, I have around 6 currently in my possession.. some might call it an obsession. 😛 

DSC_0055Unfortunately, these shadows aren’t as pigmented as I’d like them to be. The pay off isn’t great and you really have to go over your lids a few times to get the colour. At €9.95 though it’s not going to break the bank.


Flormar Long Wearing Lipgloss

DSC_0057This is a fab colour! I love a good strong lipgloss. It’s actually very similar to an Urban Decay lipgloss I already have, but for a fraction of the price! DSC_0059It also has a nice bit of shimmer in it and retails at €5.95.
DSC_0062Flormar Illuminating Primer
DSC_0066I’m quite new to using primers if I’m honest. I’d obviously heard of them but I felt I already had so many products in my makeup routine, why add another? And up until recently I hadn’t, but I’ve received a few from various companies and in goodie bags so it was finally time to jump on the bandwagon!

DSC_0067My first thought was the primer’s texture. It’s quite liquid compare to a lot of other primers which go for a more thicker consistency. It goes on like a moisturiser and is very easy to use. This is probably one of my favourite products as I find it does give quite a nice glow to your skin under your foundation! RRP: €9.95.

Hope you enjoyed my review and tell me if you’ve tried or want to try Flormar products and what you think!


 *I received or was sent these products but in no way was my opinion swayed and all are still my own 🙂

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