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lean greens Mei Ling Tong

lean greens Mei Ling Tong

lean greens Mei Ling Tong

lean greens Mei Ling TongLeans Greens – a Superfood Supplement

Lean Greens is a powdered food supplement containing active ingredients such as wheatgrass, spirulina, spinach and many more. I’ve never taken a greens supplement before so I was really interested to see how I’d find it. Lean Greens kindly sent me out their Starter Kit which includes a 500G tub of Lean Greens and a shaker, everything I needed to get started.

So what does Lean Greens promise to do for you?

Cut the Bloat

Ah the dreaded bloat, something I know and suffer with all too well. I’ve already found certain foods that I know for a fact bloat me, tea is unfortunately one of them, but sometimes I do bloat unexpectedly. Bloating is not just uncomfortable but can be really disheartening appearance-wise, especially when you’ve been trying your best to eat clean and train hard. Since I started taking Lean Greens I don’t think I’ve suffered from bloating once. Now this could be down to a number of factors, diet etc., but it’s a good sign in my books!

End the Cravings

Nearly every night, an hour or two after dinner, I get the munchies bad. Chocolate, sweets, crisps, you name it. I found drinking Lean Greens in my smoothie in the morning or afternoon really kept me feeling full till my next meal. The only thing I will say is Lean Greens does not give you willpower and even though I wasn’t craving chocolate as much I was still eating it because it was in my cupboard. So the lesson here is, if you’re midnight munching get rid of junk food! Do a clear out and you won’t have any temptations.

Up the Energy

I probably saw this effect the least but to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a huge rise in my energy levels. I occasionally suffer from low energy levels and find them especially bad when I don’t have a daily routine. At the moment I’m on my summer break so my routine is incredibly infrequent. A lot of this comes down to me taking advantage of being able to have copious morning lie ins. I promise I’ll rise early tomorrow!

lean greens Mei Ling Tong

lean greens Mei Ling Tong

lean greens Mei Ling Tong

Overall, I’ve enjoyed taking Lean Greens everyday and am happy with the benefits received. My favourite way to drink it is in a smoothie; a banana, frozen berries, greek yoghurt and a scoop of greens. Drinking it alone is alright but I find the taste a tad bit overpowering and a smoothie fills you up for longer!

If you’re interested in trying Leans Greens you can purchase their products on their Website and connect with them on their other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



 *I received or was sent these products but in no way was my opinion swayed and all are still my own. If you want more information please see my Disclaimer page 🙂

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