My Goals For 2017

Skip the resolutions this year and set yourself some goals

By now we’re well into January and the new year has truly begun. As always, the new year comes with new resolutions and people are eager to start 2017 afresh. I’ve never been one for making resolutions, I’m just not that type of person. If you need to make a change, why wait for the new year?

Something I do believe in though is setting goals. Either achievable or slightly unrealistic, it’s good to note the things you want to get out of the new year and what you hope you can achieve. Last year, for the first time, I decided to write down my goals for 2016 in a journal. It was just one page and was something I took out every now and again to reflect on. Sometimes I’d take a look and realise I’d actually achieved a goal and forgot that I’d written it down!

Goals for 2016

Set up Youtube channel

Reach at least 7k on Instagram

Build my blog

Complete 2nd year with honours

Get my driving license

More collaborations and partnerships

Save money for a nice holiday

The above were my 2016 goals. Some I achieved, some I didn’t. The first, set up a Youtube channel, I realised I didn’t even want to do! After recording a video and editing it, I came to the conclusion that Youtube wasn’t for me, not right now anyway. I much prefer writing and taking images than talking and recording. Another one I didn’t achieve was reaching 7k followers on Instagram but I’m ok with that. I wrote that down as a number I could aspire to and while I haven’t reached it yet, I feel as if I’m putting a lot more effort into my Instagram content and a slow, steady growth is better than none!

The build my blog goal was a bit vague but I do think I’ve built it up a lot this past year. I won Silver place in the Fashion category of the Irish Blog Awards which I didn’t expect! The next two goals were big, personal ones for me and I’m so happy to say that I actualised both of them! I worked really hard in my second year of college and that definitely paid off. Same goes for the driving license, I’m delighted that after so many lessons and tears that I’ve gotten over my fear of driving!

2016 definitely brought along more collaborations with brands for my blog. I never could have imagined I’d be collaborating with a brand like M.A.C when I wrote that! 2016 was also a holiday-less year for me but I was able to save and am now planning 2 maybe 3 holidays for 2017.

Goals for 2017

Complete 3rd year with honours

Reach at least 7k on Instagram

More collaborations and partnerships

Continue working and gaining experience

Worry and stress less

Get my ass back to the gym

So these are my goals for 2017. The first 3 are pretty much the same as last year but why not keep them rolling! I want to finish my 3rd year in college just as well as I finished the last and I never achieved the second so why not keep it up there! I definitely want to do more collaborations with brands, in fact, I started my first of 2017 yesterday and it’s a big one! I’ll be working with Havana Therapy which I’ll go into greater detail about in another post.

While I’m in college I want to continue working and gaining experience in my field. I started on work placement with Connector last year but I am and will be staying on which is exciting. An important one for me is to worry and stress less, something I’m terrible for. In the last few months I’ve lost an unintentional stone which definitely wasn’t a goal! And lastly, I’m getting my ass back to the gym. Since I started working, I completely threw my workout routine out the window which was quite upsetting as I was actually going 2-3 times a week! So no more slacking for me because the regular workouts were really helping me feel better hence why it’s not something I want abandon.

So that’s it! My goals for 2017. What do you think, are writing your goals down beneficial in achieving them? I think so!

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