There’s that saying that in airports you see the sincerest goodbyes.

We say goodbye everyday.

To friends, to colleagues, to your mom on the phone, but you know you’ll see them again in a day or two, maybe a few weeks, but it’s never long.

Then we have the sincere goodbyes.
The goodbyes that really mean something. The goodbye that’s left with a longing and mystery of when you’ll see them again.

I was inspired to write this after leaving Dan at the airport yesterday. That was a goodbye that meant something, I even shed a tear or two but really, it was nothing compared to others I’ve experience. I know I’ll see him again in a week.

From a young age I was taught about that difference in goodbyes.
Goodbye to Hong Kong, I couldn’t tell when I’d see you again.
Goodbye to my dad who didn’t come back when he was supposed to and after that a goodbye every Christmas and summer.
Goodbye to my brother who moved away.
Coming back to Hong Kong and saying goodbye to my grandmother.

There’s a lot of sadness in airports. From the outside they seem chaotic, busy and bustling. But I know there’s people in there saying their goodbyes just like I did and still do.

Now every time I leave Hong Kong I must say goodbye again.
Every year or two it’s goodbye to my father who I’ll see again in a year. A few years ago it used to be teary goodbyes to the boy I was leaving behind.
I used to think I was saying goodbye to my life.  A relationship that could have been. A life I never got to live.

But now I know that that’s not true. And as cheesy as it sounds everything happens for a reason. It must, because now I’m happy with the life I have for the first time in a long time.
If all the things I previously wished for had come true then I wouldn’t have Dan.
I wouldn’t have blogging.
I wouldn’t have the friends I met through that.
wouldn’t have modelling.
I wouldn’t have DIT.
I wouldn’t have my job.
I wouldn’t have my two adorable dogs.
To be honest, I wouldn’t have a lot.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there are different goodbyes. But we have to remember that the way we feel while saying those goodbyes won’t last forever and for every dark cloud, there’s a silver lining.

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