Greece Photo Diary

greece athens volos

greece athens volosIf you plan on going anywhere next summer, plan on going to Greece.

Two short weeks ago I was lapping up the sun in Greece. Today, I’m sitting at my laptop in my living room in a wet and dreary Dublin… how times change. As I mentioned in my previous post, my friend Kassi‘s wedding was in Greece and the girls and I were flying over to attend. This summer it felt like everyone I knew had visited the country. The most gorgeous pictures of people surrounded by stunning scenery inundated my Instagram feed. Due to this I had high expectations which Greece did not disappoint.

The Journey

The girls and I arrived in Athens airport at 5.30am and then proceeded to catch a 4 hour coach to Volos, Kassi’s hometown. We decided to stay in Portaria, a town 25 minutes away from Volos and the location of Kassi’s wedding. We got a room in Hotel Despotiko, a beautiful boutique hotel hidden away in the Pelion Mountains. I would definitely recommend this hotel. The staff were friendly, they provided free parking and fresh mountain water filled the pool. Incredible. If you plan on staying in Portaria I would suggest renting a car. There are buses from Volos to Portaria but they’re infrequent and don’t give you much flexibility. On the last two days we rented a car for €80 from Alpha Rentals, amazing value and way better than the prices we found elsewhere online.

Pools, Beaches & The Clearest, Blue Waters
greece photo diary

I knew Greece had tons of beaches but I was truly taken back by their beauty when I saw them in person. The ones we visited, Kato Gatzea and Afissos, were pebbled beaches and the water was the clearest I’ve ever seen! Throughout our weeks stay I literally lived in bikinis. I took full advantage of the hotel pool too! Every morning, after breakfast, the girls and I would pop down to the pool and get some tanning time in. I actually got a great colour in Greece, probably the nicest tan I’ve ever had. Bonus!

The Wedding

The main reason I was in Greece was Kassi’s wedding. The wedding was the most beautiful event I’ve ever witnessed. Kassi looked ethereal. She made a gorgeous bride and everything from her makeup to her dress was perfect.  The venue, Xenia Portaria, is a phenomenal hotel and was a stunning setting for her reception. I had an amazing night, one I definitely won’t forget anytime soon!

I hope you enjoyed this quick snapshot into my Greek holiday. The trip was incredibly relaxing and consisted of a lot of eating, sunbathing and simply having a good time. My kind of holiday and one I’ll definitely revisit.

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