Holidaze: Amsterdam

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the not so frequent posting but my schedule was a bit all over the place as I recently got back from a few days in Amsterdam!DCIM100GOPRO

I bought the trip for my boyfriend as his Christmas present and decided it would be nice to go on the Valentine’s weekend! Kill two birds with one stone and all that, eh!

My previous experience of Amsterdam was very short and I never even left the airport, so this was all going to be new to me! My boyfriend had never been either but he’d always wanted to!IMG_4637I booked our flights with Ryanair and got a very good price for them! The only thing I’ll say is that Ryanair only stops in Eindhoven airport which is actually a two hour coach drive away from Amsterdam, which we didn’t realise! Disaster! I stupidly didn’t think of googling that until we were in the airport! Aerlingus stops in Schipol which is a lot closer but you’ll end up paying through your nose!

Amsterdam is a crazy city! I’ve never been anywhere like it. It’s got a weird mixture of old and new. Everyone cycles everywhere and they will not move if you’re in their way so watch out! I nearly got run down like a million times! Scooters and mopeds are also allowed drive on the cycling lane, so that’s pretty dangerous!IMG_4558You can pretty much walk everywhere though they do have incredibly frequent trams that zoom around the city! They’re helpful when you get lost as the city is made up of circles connected by canals so you’ll find yourself lost quite easily!DCIM100GOPROWe did the usual touristy stuff like the Heineken Experience, the Red light district, the Sex museum and of course plenty of coffee shops! It’s weird how smoking weed is such a normal thing for them over there. My favourite coffee shop was “The Dolphins Coffee Shop”. It was decorated so it looked like you were underwater! Even their bongs fit in with the decor!

DCIM100GOPROIMG_4582 IMG_4585 IMG_4587 IMG_4590

I’d definitely go back to Amsterdam as there was still loads I didn’t do. I’d love to see the Museum of Bags and Purses, Anne Frank’s house and Madame Tussauds so I think another trip is definitely in order!





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