Holidaze: Hong Kong, Week 2

Hi guys!

Another week has passed in Hong Kong, not that it feels like it! This holiday is literally flying by. 🙁 Oh well, time for a catch up!

MondayDSC_0042After the weekend Dan and I decided to visit Kam Shan Country Park and hike up what’s known as “Monkey Mountain”. Aptly named, as there’s tons of wild monkeys living there! Unfortunately, they’re not the friendliest and I nearly got attacked by one.. 😛 That was probably my fault though as I got too close to it trying to take a picture. Not a good idea!DSC_0066As many people know, I’m not the most athletic type so I got pretty pooped after a while of hiking. We got fairly far up but not all the way as I kind of gave up. 😛 The view was still amazing though!DSC_0067After we got home and showered we decided to try going to the peak.. again. And again the line for the tram was HUGE. Thank god for uber, which is what we used in the end to get up and back down the peak! The peak was pretty cool and the views were amazing. We were gonna eat in one of the restaurants there but the prices were insane. In the end we opted for Macdonalds. 😛DSC_0196 DSC_0236DSC_0350


On Tuesday we decided to go to Ocean Park, a water based theme park. I always enjoy going back but the heat was just so intense we ended up leaving pretty early. The mixture of heat and queuing up in the blazing sun was just horrible! But of course, we did manage to go on all the good rides at least once before we left!IMG_8468 IMG_8467It was still a long day so after leaving I collected my new pair of glasses and we went home. Dan and I actually ate in Macdonalds again… I am going to be so fat after this trip. 😛


We spent quite a bit of time on Wednesday wandering around Hong Kong, pursuing various markets and shops with my Dad. In the afternoon, we visited him at his office to grab some Dim Sum and surprisingly saw some incredible cars in some nearby garages. Like this McLaren P1, there’s only 375 in the world and we saw 2 of them!DSC_0440Afterwards, we got dinner in Dan Ryans, an amazing steak and grill house! We were absolutely stuffed afterwards, I literally felt like being rolled home. 😛DSC_0482 DSC_0487Thursday

I had a bit of a lie in in on Thursday and then went down to the beach. In the evening, Dan and I headed over to Causeway Bay for a wander around. After we shot a few photos for another street style post I have coming up!IMG_8482When we came home we watched Melissa McCarthy’s new movie “Spy”, which was hilarious! I laughed so much! I definitely recommend it. 🙂


On Friday we went to the beach again. 😛 For the month of August, Discovery Bay has a huge inflatable slip n’slide on the beach! Dan and I decided to give it a go as the line wasn’t too big. It was so much fun and we even got a video of us on the go pro!IMG_8481We went back to Mong Kok after dinner and came home and watched the movie “Tammy”. Parts were funny but I didn’t think it was the best.


Omg, I had the laziest day. I think it was because we’ve been doing so much these past two weeks. All we did was watch movies! 😛 First off was “Focus”, which I thought was brilliant and then “Max”, which was one of those happy/sad but feel good movies. And lastly we watched “The Duff” which was kind of stupid but funny! Ok seriously… how many movies have I watched this holiday?


Dans’ last day! 🙁 So I’m just in bed now, finishing off the rest of this post after a long day! We decided to hit the markets in Mong Kok again to pick up some last minute souvenirs and presents. On our way home we popped into the Lane Crawford in Central as I wanted to pick up an Urban Decay eyeshadow (Riff) only to find, that only the Lane Crawford in Causeway Bay stocks it! Annoying! Dan then packed up all his stuff (with great effort), before we went out for dinner down on the DB pier. I got the crunchy chicken parmesan salad!DSC_0521Half way through a thunderstorm started and it was lashing when we were heading home. Apparently the weather is supposed to be absolutely shite next week. Just my luck! 🙁

So that’s what we got up to on our 2nd week here! Dan leaves tomorrow morning so I’ll be up early to the airport to see him off!





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