Darling Buds of Mei was founded in 2014 while Mei Ling was taking a gap year. After moving to Dublin, where she’s currently studying marketing, she realised blogging could be so much more than a hobby. Inspired by fellow bloggers, Mei Ling invested and grew her blog into something she’s proud to call her own. Darling Buds of Mei recently won Silver for Best Fashion Blog in the Irish Blog Awards.


A Little Bit About Mei Ling

I’m a 21 year old marketing student living in Dublin. Originally born in Hong Kong, I moved to Ireland 13 years ago and have lived here since. I made the leap to move to Dublin from Cork two years ago to attend college and further my career in modelling and blogging. I’ve always been a big fan of beauty, the love of fashion came a bit later.  Having been an avid fan of blogs, vlogs and everything in between for years, I thought, “hey!” I can do this too! So I did. When I’m not in college, studying or blogging, you can find me working in a digital marketing agency and a interior design company , modelling with 1st Options or just taking a break! Hope you like my blog! x

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Snapchat: @meiling_t

If you’re a brand/company looking to collaborate feel free to drop me an email at meiling_t@hotmail.com