How to Style a Winter Coat | Complimentary Colours

Style your winter coat with complimentary colours

Welcome to the second part of my three part style series! If you saw my first post you’ll know I’ve started a series based around my Scribe blazer coat and how to style your own winter coat. I find it hard to dress for the cold weather and constantly find myself reaching for the comfiest and usually, the oldest items of clothing I have. So this series was also written to help myself step out of my comfort zone and making an effort to dress nicer!

Monochrome Magic

The last post featured a more casual look, this one is slightly dressier but still comfy and easy to wear! My Scribe coat has a black, grey and white chevron/houndstooth print, I wanted to find clothes that would compliment this. Luckily enough, that was quite easy, especially as half the clothes in my wardrobe are black and white!

I find that I rarely wear skirts or dresses, mainly because I find jeans warmer and comfier! The trick is to find skirts you feel comfortable in. The one below is just a simple stretchy skirt from H&M but you can pick them up in most hight street shops. I paired the skirt with a white, ribbed polo neck,my favourite leather boots and black tote bag from Littlewoods. It’s a very simple, easy look to pull together and most people already have similar clothes in their wardrobes. My kind of outfit!

Shot by Lorna Duffy

What did you think about this outfit… better than the first? Let me know!

Shoes Skirt Top Coat Bag


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