Into The Light Bridal Shoot

A few weeks ago I shot with the awesome duo, Jared Macias and Sean Lordan, that are Into The Light!

1517586_1603550773202758_6981030082887344552_nInto the Light are a new and upcoming team who photograph weddings, what makes them unique to other photographers is that they shoot film! I’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot with film, so I was delighted when the opportunity to do this came up. The idea was simple, a bridal shoot in West Cork among the picturesque woods and beach on site. I even had the perfect dress for it! I honestly never thought I would get the chance to wear my debs dress again, but there you go!

My handmade Debs dress

The shoot itself took around 2 hours, but it felt like forever. For such a sunny day, it was deceivingly cold! Especially, when I was standing next to the sea and let me tell you that dress is not exactly warm! ? I also stupidly wore pumps through the woods and by the time it was over, my feet were raw and bloody from the brambles! Sooo glamorous! ?

I might be a bit moan-y now but in all honesty the shoot was so much fun and Sean and Jared are such great guys to work with! They’re super enthusiastic about what they do, which always helps! They were also so quick getting images back to me! Obviously, the film had to be sent away but I got some of the digital ones that night! Now that I have the film and digital back, I thought it’d be a good time to make a post with them!

Here are a few of my favourite shots! ?


I think this one is so interesting, like there's a definite story behind it!

I think this one is so interesting, like there’s a definite story behind it!








Definitely one of my favourites!

JM0105142005639-11 mei2


So there you go! Hope you liked them! If you want to see more of Jared and Sean’s work you can find them on Facebook, their website or Instagram!


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