July Lust List

Hi everyone!
July’s Lust List will be coming to you all the way from Hong Kong! Here are a few things I’ve had my eye on over the past month!
A Kate spade purseScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 00.01.14
I think these are so cute and I only have the one good wallet but they’re fairly pricey and more than I’d like to spend on a purse! Maybe if I save up in a few months I’ll treat myself!
The Naked Smoky Palette3605970970116_nakedsmokyI was so annoyed I missed the press launch for this! It was held two days after I left for Hong Kong… grrr! I’ve always been a fan of UD eye shadows and my go to palette is the Naked 1, so I’m dying to give this a go!
A New Pair of Sunglasses pre-order-venice-mirrored-sunglasses-pink-p454-543_image.jpgAs much as I love my Armani shades, there’s a slight problem. They’re prescription sunglasses so I can’t wear contact lenses with them which I find really annoying. And surprisingly, I don’t own any other pair of sunnies so I definitely want to get a pair! I quite like these rose gold ones from My Milly Moo that I recently saw Suzanne Jackson wearing! Rose gold is definitely my new go to accessory colour!
Another “small” Tattoo1002084_4951687357118_325067378_n
It’s true what they say. Once you get one you want another. I’d like a little small and simple tattoo that’s discrete and won’t get in the way of working as a model! I currently have one on my right ribcage as you can see from the picture above!





2 thoughts on “July Lust List

  1. I’m so happy Urban Decay has popped up in Hong Kong officially 🙂 But I didn’t buy my flushed palette from here, I bought it at Sephora in BKK with 20% off wahoo! Why did Sephora close in HK? I heard once upon a time is was here, it’s freaking amazing.

    I also wear contacts but never thought to buy prescription sunglasses, partly because I know I wear them on my head pretty often. Thanks for sharing your rose gold sunglasses pick, I’m lusting after a pair but had difficulty pinning down one when I searched for it.

    Lovely blog btw! 🙂

    Thinkit. Dreamit. Blog – Natty B

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