Killer Fashion's Girl's Night Out!

So last night my good friend Nirina from “Killer Fashion” held a girl’s night out blog party! The party was upstairs in Opium on Wexford Street (it was my first time there!) and we spent the night chatting, taking pics and drinking fancy cocktails! My kind of party!blogparty1-4

My first and only cocktail of the night was a Zombie, so potent they only allow two per person! It was super tasty though and was made with 3 different types of rum!IMG_5216I wore white skinnies, black heeled boots, an Asos slogan crop top and an oversized plaid shirt. Unfortunately, I didn’t get an outfit pic but I do have one of my top! Hilarious or what!

IMG_5212I left early enough as I was wrecked from college/work/general running around but Nirina kindly had a goodie bag for everyone! Yay! I was so glad I got a tube of Beverly Hills Perfect White Black toothpaste as I’ve heard such good things about it and was actually going to buy it myself! It also included my favourite drink, OKF’s Aloe Vera drink in mango!



                                            Myself, Colleen and Timi!

Thanks a million Nirina for the brilliant night! Looking forward to the next!!


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