Last minute DIY Hallowe'en ideas ?

Hey everyone, sorry for the SERIOUS lack of posts lately! Getting used to college has been taking a while but now I’m on midterm so I’ve a bit of extra time off! Yay!

So if you’re anything like me you’ve definitely left your Hallowe’en costume to the very last minute. I still need to collect bits and pieces for mine which I need for Thursday! ?

Here are a few last minute ideas for anyone struggling with this dilemma!

1. Cat

So this one’s super cliched and over done but it’s a firm favourite every year and actually what I’m going as! ? All you need is a black dress/jumpsuit and cats ears that you can practically get anywhere. Claire’s and River Island do cute lace ones but if you’re on a budget the 2¬†euro shops do them too!


9 euro in River Island

Makeup is dead simple for this look too and black eyeliner will be your best friend! Draw a dramatic winged liner, a cute cat nose and whiskers on your cheeks and you’re set!

Check out Roz Purcell's amazing cat makeup done by MUFE Ireland

Check out Roz Purcell’s amazing cat makeup done by MUFE Ireland


Cute, eh?

2. A Sims character

This is one if my favourites because it’s so easy to do and incredibly lazy! You don’t even need a particular outfit, just green paper and a hair band! You can even go one step further and do the whole pixelated Sim costume! Though that does take effort! ?


Click on me for the original link!

3. “Cereal” Killer

The ultimate pun-tastic costume! Stick a crap load of mini cereal boxes to yourself and carry around a (fake) knife and there you go! You’re officially a cereal killer! Guaranteed to get a few laughs on the night too!


So there you are, a few last minutes ideas you can whip up fairly sharpish! Hope everyone has a great Hallowe’en and I’ll be sure to post an outfit post for mine on Friday!



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