My Hair Transformation with Toni & Guy


Every so often we must do something that absolutely terrifies us.

As silly as it sounds the thoughts of cutting my hair scared me sh*tless. I’ve had long hair for so long now it had become part of my identity. But that’s something I didn’t want. You define your hair, your hair doesn’t define you. For the last few months I’ve been dreaming about getting the chop, my hair had become hard to manage and style and frankly, I was sick of it. Toni & Guy

When I was contacted by Yellow Machine PR and they asked if I was interested in a cut, colour and blowdry with Toni & Guy I actually laughed. I couldn’t have been given a clearer sign! I booked in for the next week and set a time, there was no way I could back out now!

After days of googling hairstyles I decided on a mid length chop with subtle layers and natural highlights. This doesn’t sound overly adventurous but to me it was huge. I haven’t had colour in my hair since I was 17 and I did it myself and I can’t tell you the last time I got my hair properly cut (not just a trim.)

So yesterday I made my way into Toni & Guy ( a bit battered as I’d been at The Gossies the night before) and met with Nadine Moore who was my stylist for the day. Having a nice hairdresser is so important and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a nicer one! Nadine was so friendly and immediately put me at ease. We decided on a length and before I knew it around 5 inches of my hair was gone! It hadn’t even been styled yet and I already loved it. It immediately felt lighter and looked thicker and healthier. The colour was then put in (no bleach used) and after that I got it washed. Which felt great by the way, what’s more relaxing then someone washing your hair? Especially if they’re gentle, I’ve had really rough hair dressers before and there’s nothing worse!


The rest of the cut was done super quick and my hair was blow dried with a tiny barrelled brush to give that beachy wave effect. Nadine used a really cool technique that I’ve never seen before and I was so happy with the results! The highlights are super natural and look great when the light hits them!

After I was done I met up with Damien and we shot a few pictures of my hair. All in all I absolutely loved the experience and I’m so pleased with my new locks! I’d absolutely recommend Toni & Guy for anyone looking for a good salon or in need of a hair transformation!  


Photos by Damien Broderick

Snapchat: @meiling_t

*This is not a paid post but the treatments I received were complimentary. All opinions are still my own.

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