My Ultimate Wishlist

Hey everyone!
Advice I picked up from the wonderful Leanne Woodfull (Thunder & Threads) at the Irish blogger conference was to create a wish list for your readers to see what your personality and taste is like!
I thought this was a good idea as there’s so many nice things we’d like but that doesn’t always portray through the clothes or things you currently own!
There’s a very obvious theme of the colour of beige here, but that’s very typical of me! I absolutely love beige and tan because its looks simple, classy and goes with everything!
Some of the items below are achievable, then others are products I’ll really have to save and work for like the Louboutins for example!

Burberry slim coat

Olivia Burton oversized watch
$150 –

Michael Kors gold plated bracelet
$360 –

Burberry fringe shawl

Eyebrow cosmetic
$35 –

Hope this gave you some insight into what I like! Is there anything here that you’re lusting over or even own? Let me know!

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