New Year, New Glasses

I can see clearly now…

Glasses, a fashion accessory to some, a necessity for many. While I’d LOVE to have been blessed with 20/20 vision, I wasn’t. So I may as well make the most of it!

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 10 and used to hate shopping for frames. I felt like every pair looked horrible and used to try to go without them for as long as I could. As I’ve gotten older, my eyes have gotten blinder lol. I literally can’t see much at all when I’m not wearing my glasses. After a recent eye test I discovered I needed a new prescription which meant a new pair of specs.

For the past three years I’ve been wearing my trusty pair of Ray-Bans. Probably the first pair of glasses that I actually liked. Unfortunately, they weren’t without their flaws. Overtime they’d stretched considerably (thanks to my fat head). Plus I needed to get ear hooks for them or they slid down my nose whenever I looked down.

I wanted to go for something different this time around and took a look on Polette, an online opticians. My friend, Dee, had just got a pair from them and was super happy with hers. In the past I would have been very wary about shopping for glasses online, purely because you can’t try them on. I was a bit nervous but I knew the style I wanted and Polette had loads of gorgeous options.

In the end, I picked this pair of semi-rimless, gold framed, retro style specs named Zola . Without the prescription, the frames alone are only €24.99, super affordable! In total, they came up to €61.96. I actually couldn’t believe it as my last pair cost about €180.

The moment I put them on I knew they were perfect. They fit like a glove (I had to put my face measurements into the site when ordering) and suit my face shape. I totally believe a nice pair of glasses can really complete a look. It’s also important to have a pair that you genuinely like as they’re something you have to put on everyday!

Full transparency that this is a collaboration Polette. But I honestly wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t believe they were quality products. <3



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*This is a collaboration with Polette. Although I was gifted the glasses, all opinions are still my own.

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