Ray-Ban Remix

You just can’t go wrong with a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators

I think, like most people, I’ve always been a big fan of Ray-Ban. To me the name is just synonymous to glasses and sunglasses. I remember craving a pair of Wayfarers as a teen for the longest time. A few years ago I finally got my first pair of Ray-Ban glasses and I haven’t looked back. They were the first pair of glasses that I actually didn’t mind wearing!

So when Ray-Ban contacted me and asked if I’d like to design my own pair of sunnies I couldn’t believe it. I’ve worked with a lot of great brands for my blog but I can honestly say I never thought Ray-Ban would be one of them. To celebrate St.Patrick’s Day, Ray-Ban asked a few influencers to design their own pair of Ray-Bans with the Remix customisation tool. Sounds easy right? I was then told we had to incorporate green into our design. I immediately pictured a pair of bright green shades and shuddered. It wasn’t till I went onto the Ray-Ban site to customise them that I realised there were so many possibilities and ways I could incorporate green!

Ray-Ban have a multitude of different colours, tints and shades that you can get, everything is customisable, right down to engraving on the ear piece! In the end, I opted for matte gold Aviators with green flash polarised lenses. I also picked a brown leather case engraved with my initials. What do you think, did I do a good job? 😉

Shot by Lorna Duffy

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