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On Thursday I got to attend the first screening of “Shoebox Memories”.

Plain Sailing Films, an up and coming production company, has just debuted its first feature film and will be screened at the 10th Dingle International Film Festival.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to see it and I really enjoyed it! Shoebox Memories isn’t your typical rom-com and is centred around music. It follows Chris, a heart broken and slightly desperate musician (Colm Gavin) trying to get over an ex. He ensues a “no strings attached” relationship with the quirky Emma-Jane (Jemma NicLochlainn) and the movie follows them through this adventure.

The film also features Brendan Sheehan, brother of Robert Sheehan. I didn’t know this till after the movie but for the whole night I knew I recognised him from somewhere!

I loved how natural this movie felt. It didn’t have a big budget and was shot in 13-15 days. The acting felt very natural and not too pushed, which is especially impressive for Colm Gavin who had no prior acting experience. I really liked the relationship between the three lads and the scenes with them were definitely the funniest. Director, Jason Branagan, gave us some more insight into the film after we watched it when the floor was opened to a Q&A and as well as directing the movie he also wrote the songs featured in it! Talented bunch!

I’m very excited to see where this films takes the cast and crew and I expect only better things to come!


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Film Credits

Starring: Colm Gavin, Brendan Sheehan, Daniel Mahony, Jemma Nic Lochlainn, Aisling Madden, Zarima McDermott, Dylan McDonough, Oliver McKenna, Mark Austin.

Directed and written by: Jason Branagan

Produced by: Jason Branagan, Grace Cotter, Sharon Crowley and Laurance Meade

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