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sick studs gym gear

sick studs gym gear

sick studs gym gear

Get yourself kitted out in the sickest gym gear with Sick Studs

If you saw my previous post you’ll know I recently received some awesome gear from Dublin brand, Sick Studs. Sick Studs offer a great range of hats, beanies, bags and accessories. My last look, which you can find here, featured their beanie and canvas bag. Today’s look is slightly different and features some of their gym gear, it’s funny because last year I literally would have had no use for gym gear! But now I workout 3 times a week and gladly welcome all the gear I can get!

The Gym Bag

It’s funny but until I got sent this bag I didn’t actually own a proper gym bag! I usually stuff my gear in my school bag or a tote! This gym bag is right up my street, simple and not too showy, it also holds a crazy amount of stuff! Before I shot this look I was in college so I had refill pads, a pencil case, my camera, water bottle, purse and coat all shoved in there and it wasn’t even close to full!

The Tank Top

Now usually I’m not a fan of fluorescent apparel but fashion in the gym is very different from the norm. In fact, fluorescent colours are really popular on gym gear, especially women’s. I always wear a tank top over my sports bra when I work out for a few reasons, I’m always cold and because I don’t really fancy exposing my stomach to the rest of the gym. When I finally achieve abs I might. 😛

The Rest

For the rest of my outfit I wore a grey slogan pullover which I got on eBay, Boohoo leggings and Nike ‘Zoom Fit’ runners. I recently got the leggings on Boohoo to see how they faired whilst working out and I have to say I’m pretty pleased! Granted they’re a lot thinner than my Nike pair but apart from that they’re a fine pair of leggings and only cost €16! I actually have a blog post on how to shop smart when it comes to gym gear which you can read here!

If you want to know more about Sick Studs you can visit their website or find them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.sick studs gym gear

sick studs gym gear

sick studs gym gear
sick studs gym gear

Shot by Lorna Duffy

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*I was sent these products but in no way was my opinion swayed and all are still my own 🙂

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