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I’d imagine having nice skin is pretty high up on everyone’s list when it comes to their looks, I know it’s high on mine! For years I struggled with acne and just hating the way my skin looked. Now that I’m older the acne isn’t as bad but I have been noticing small changes and have learned that it’s necessary to change your skincare routine as the years go by.

The iiaa, the International Institute for Anti-Ageing, got in contact with me a while ago and asked if I’d be interested in trying out some products from their three brands. I jumped at the chance as I’m always looking for the next holy grail product that’s works for my skin and their philosophy ‘Feed, Fortify, Finish’ really stood out to me. Here’s how I got on…



The first step from the iiaa is to Feed your skin with the right nutrients as beautiful skin starts from within. The Advanced Nutrition Programme is a range of supplements and nutrients that do just that. When I was contacted about trying the products I was asked what my biggest skin concern was. I immediately said acne and oily skin! Definitely my two biggest skin woes. The lovely Marilyn advised me on the best products for this and recommended Skin Accumax.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m quite apprehensive about supplements and the claims they make, but I was interested to see if they’d cause any sort of difference. For years I took prescribed medicine for my skin which worked really well at the time but I’ve been off them for over a year now. My skin isn’t half as bad as it used to be but I was still suffering from regular breakouts, often in the same place and often extremely sore.

I took two tablets a day for the first week and after that went down to one. I’ve been taking them for just over a month now and the difference is incredible. My chin used to get the worst breakouts, with one spot in particular who never wanted to leave (Dan christened him Mike…). Since taking the Skin Accumax the number of breakouts I get has decreased dramatically and when I do get them they’re quite small and tend to go away quickly. These tablets are definitely a star product for me.

A pouch of 60 costs £40, which I know is a bit pricey but when it comes to your skin the investment is totally worth it.



Onto the next step, Fortify! The second brand that’s part of the iiaa is Environ Skin Care. I’d heard quite a bit about Environ already and knew a few other bloggers rated the skincare brand. Like the Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ has different ranges suiting various skin types. I was recommended the AVST range which is supposed to reveal beautiful, healthy looking skin. The range provides the optimum, balanced doses of vitamins A, C & E antioxidants.

I was sent the Cleansing Lotion and my first thought was ‘darn, why couldn’t it be a gel!’. I much prefer gels over lotions as I feel like I get a cleaner finish with a gel (maybe it’s because of the lather!). But I was pleasantly surprised with this lotion, it gives your face a deep clean and after that, leaves it feeling fresh and toned. I’ve also noticed it’s helped my oiliness a bit too, my other skin woe.

The Environ range can only be purchased from authorised stockists, find one near you here.



Lastly in the iiaa portfolio is jane iredale Makeup, the final step to help Finish your skin. I was sent two products from their vast range, the Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightner For Oily Skin and the Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder.

The primer has a runnier consistency than other primers I’ve tried but it does combat oil well. One of my pet makeup hates is a shiny/oily face a few hours after makeup application but every time I’ve worn this I haven’t had that problem. The Mineral Powder is the only product that hasn’t really wowed me. In no means is it a poor product, it has good coverage and doesn’t give a flaky finish but it just didn’t stand out to me as much as the other items did.

The jane iredale products can be found and purchased on their website.


All in all, I really rate the iiaa and their three brands. The packaging is nice, they’re good quality products that work and the price is mid range.

Have you tried any of these brands before? What did you think?



 *I was gifted these products but in no way was my opinion swayed and all are still my own If you want more information please see my Disclaimerpage 🙂

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