So Sue Me; ‘What Happened Next’ Book Launch!

Hi everyone!

So I’m sure by now you’ve seen the millions of pics I’ve posted from the other night at Suzanne Jackson’s (aka. So Sue Me) book launch for her second book, What Happened Next.


Gabriella, Ksenita and I. Photo by Jerry Photographer

I’m a massive fan of Sue and her blog, she’s such a dedicated blogger and a huge inspiration to me. I was delighted when she announced she was having a book launch party and that all her fans were invited! It was held in Lillie’s Bordello which I’d never been to but I must say it’s a really nice spot! I opted for a red Topshop jumpsuit I’ve had hanging in my wardrobe for the past year that I’ve never found the right opportunity to wear!

IMG_3613 Littered around the room were the cutest cupcakes and adorable packets of sweets! There was a cocktail reception and a choice of Gin and Tonics or Vodka and Cranberry. The room even had a photo booth! That was loads of fun!


I honestly had such a nice night and was even home by 11 so I wasn’t wrecked of work the next day! I even got talking to some fellow bloggers, which was great!! I can’t thank Sue enough for the fabulous night and her hard work which without, this never would have happened!


With the woman herself! Photo by Jerry Photography


I do love Instagram!!  Photo by Jerry Photography

I can only hope that I’m even an inch as successful as Sue has been!


Just a quick edit because I was in today’s paper! Yay!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 13.39.06



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