Sorry Not Sorry

sorry not sorry denim

sorry not sorry denim

sorry not sorry denimSo I took a break and I can’t say that I’m sorry…

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t but yes, I did take a small break from social media and blogging. It was completely my own decision and one I don’t regret a bit! To be honest, there was no actual moment where I decided, ‘that’s it, I need a break’. I just stopped putting pressure on myself to get content up because I knew if I did, I’d be putting unnecessary pressure on myself.

While I absolutely love my blog and creating content, I knew nothing disastrous would happen if I stopped for a bit. I just finished my 3rd year college exams last Friday and I have to say, those last two weeks were the longest of my life. Even though I never cared much about grades in secondary school, I really care about them now. It’s not just enough for me to pass a module, I need to ace it! So I took the time to focus on studying and doing the best I could in other aspects of my life. I’m still trying to get the balance between work, college and blogging right but until I do, I figured this was my best move!

Now I’m super excited to get back into a normal routine and start creating some great content! I’m even getting a new camera lens for my birthday so expect awesome pictures. I’ve also booked flights to go back to Hong Kong for two weeks which I’m really looking forward to.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I took a break, but I’m back and looking forward to a great summer of working, blogging and traveling!

sorry not sorry denim

sorry not sorry denim

sorry not sorry denim

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