Street Style: Grecian Princess

Hi Guys!

I’m finally home! Sorry for being a bit MIA this last week regarding posts. Unfortunately, I was pretty sick for the majority of my last week in Hong Kong and just didn’t feel like doing anything! But I’m home now and want to get back on my feet and to normality asap!

While I was in HK, Dan and I did a few street style shoots and you might have seen I’ve already one uploaded. See here! 🙂DSC_0243DSC_0246DSC_0250As you might know from reading my holiday updates, Dan and I visited the peak to see some of the amazing views Hong Kong has to offer!

I actually picked up this dress from Zara in the sale before I left along with the dress I wore in my last shoot! This one was also only €20! Score!

I LOVE this dress. I just think it’s so pretty and the wrap around style is gorgeous, definitely reminds me of ancient Athens style dresses you’d see in movies!DSC_0218 DSC_0226We also took a few obligatory tourist photos of course! I took my new Michael Kors bag out and paired it with my usual rose gold accessories. As I had to be careful with the amount I packed, I had very few accessories and shoes to play around with. So unfortunately I had to do quite a few repeats!DSC_0356Dress: Zara

Bag: Michael Kors

Watch: Olivia Burton

Shoes: Penneys


Hope you liked this look and be sure to tell me what you think!DSC_0365569037616075315270715

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