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festival mei ling tong

festival mei ling tong

festival mei ling tong

Apart from the music, what’s the most important thing about a festival? The fashion, of course!

Festival season is fast approaching and next weekend I’ll be heading off to my very first festival, Forbidden Fruit! I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about going and experiencing the festival scene. It also happens that I literally live like 10 minutes away from the venue so that’s super handy!

In honour of this occasion I decided to shoot a quick outfit look and compile some style tips on having a foolproof festival experience. Enjoy!

Fresh Face

I recommend keeping your makeup fresh. Festivals are the time to have a bit of fun with your makeup and a super heavy base can get pretty uncomfortable after a while, especially when you’re sweating from all the dancing! For my makeup above I wore very little foundation, concentrated more on concealer and finished it off with some powder. I couldn’t leave it like that though! To add that festival twist I wore YSL’s new Mascara Vinyl Couture in a really vibrant blue and partnered it with a deep blue eyeliner. This type of look is perfect for anyone a bit cautious or not into rocking your typically crazy festival faces.

Be Cheap

Now when I say “be cheap” I don’t mean don’t bring any money and rob other people’s drinks! 😛 I’m talking sunglasses here. At a festival a lot of things can happen; people get drunk, rowdy, grabby and losing your possessions can easily happen. So do not bring your new Celine sunnies because that’s just a disaster in the making. I’m a huge fan of Penneys and their sunglasses range. You can pick up some great pairs for a few quid and if they get lost or stolen it won’t be the end of the world!
festival mei ling tong

festival mei ling tong

Bum a Bag

I’m a huge advocate of bum bags, even though my boyfriend hates them. 😛 I bought the one above last year in Penneys before I went to Hong Kong and it was one of the best things I did! They’re honestly so handy and if you suffer from a bad back like me they really save you a lot of pain. They’re also incredibly handy at festivals as you can keep your hands free for other important stuff like your phone or a drink!

Stay Warm

Ireland’s not exactly known for its warm weather and the evenings can get pretty chilly so I definitely recommend layering up. I threw together an oversized flannel shirt with this outfit but depending on what you’re wearing you could bring a leather jacket, a bomber or even a kimono. I’ll probably be bringing a rolled up rain coat with me too as knowing this weather it’ll probably rain!


Festivals are the perfect time to bring out all your mad accessorises! Whether it’s a flower crown, jewelled stick ons or feathers in your hair. As this outfit is pretty simple I just threw a velvet ribbon around my neck but I predict we’ll see a lot of girls rocking these, as collars and neck ties are huge this season. Raid your local Claires Accessories and find something to suit you!

festival mei ling tong

festival mei ling tong

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