Summer In The City

Say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset…

We’re now well into the summer season and it probably feels like your entire Instagram feed is on some exotic, wanderlust filled holiday. I know that I can’t go a day without scrolling and seeing white sandy beaches and endless bikini shots. Apart from the short city break I took in Bruges, I actually have no summer holiday plans. (That’s only because I’ve pushed them out a bit though 😉 ) Instead, I’ll be spending the rest of my summer in the city, working and enjoying whatever’s left of this amazing Irish weather.

If you had told me, even last year, that I wouldn’t be going away, I’d have been really disappointed. Now? I’m actually really enjoying it! For once, I don’t have any college work to worry about and although I work Monday through Friday, my weekends are finally mine and mine alone. Instead of worrying about booking trips away, I’ve been having so much fun hanging out with my friends, going to festivals, concerts and having barbeques. There’s so much you can do at home to fill up your summer with amazing activities!

Keep Busy

This would be my number 1 tip. ALWAYS have something to look forward to in your diary. Whether it’s a gig, a night out or just a trip to the cinema. As soon as something pops up, I throw it in my calendar. This month I have (and have gone to) a few press events, a barbeque, a birthday and a work party. I also find that having something fun to do on the weekend really helps with that midweek work struggle as it gives you something to work towards. So get texting your friends and make some plans!


Just because you’re not going abroad this summer doesn’t mean you can’t plan a mini getaway! Dan and I have decided to go away later in the year instead but we’re still thinking about going on a staycation somewhere in the country. Airbnb has some great accommodation options and is the perfect option if you just want to load up the car and bring your dog (or dogs in my case!).

Save Yo Dollahs

Lastly, and a major benefit, in my opinion, is that not going away helps you save! If there’s one thing I can pride myself in, it’s that I am a serious saver. I hate the feeling of being stuck for money so I won’t let myself get in that situation. If I know I don’t really have enough funds for something, I just won’t buy it. Currently, I’m saving for many things. My upcoming trip away, laser eye surgery, a house… yano small things 😛 . It’s hard graft but it’s totally worth it in the end!

Let me know what your plans are for the summer? Are you heading off somewhere exotic or are you also staying at home?


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