The Home Stretch

off the shoulder home stretch

off the shoulder home stretchSo close you can almost taste it

I’m currently writing this, feeling guilty that I’m not doing more work on my college assignments. This semester has been pretty crazy and the workload is not kind. I’m only dreading what my fourth and final year of college will hold in store for me.

Maybe I’m just going a bit stir crazy. I’ve done so much typing these last few weeks that I’m surprised my fingers are still attached to my hands. But I’m not complaining (ok, maybe a bit). I know it’ll all be worth it in the end when I’m out of college with an awesome degree.

To take the edge off the endless research and never ending note taking I’ve been making an effort to still go out at least once over the weekend. Now by out, I don’t mean out-out, but even meeting up with the girls for a few hours can really soften the blow of hours of working.

Last weekend we had a lovely afternoon tea for Filomena’s birthday and this weekend I went out for a while to attend a Benefit masterclass. This also gives Lorna and I the perfect oppurtunity to shoot some content for our blogs. So at least I’m not slacking no that front for once!

It’s also nice to just type what I’m feeling for a change, instead of typing about why I think this repositioning strategy would be good for this company or how rationalising why conspicuous consumption would be a good theoretical framework for my dissertation.

I guess I could always throw up a few pictures on my blog and link to the pieces with not adding any real story or value for the reader, but hey, where’s the challenge in that? 😉

college off the shoulder

college off the shoulder

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college off the shoulderShot by Lorna Duffy


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