The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Looking Stylish

lazy girl's guide

lazy girl's guide

lazy girl's guideI’ll admit, when it comes to dressing up, I’m pretty damn lazy

As I’m sure you’ve seen me say countless times on my blog, I’m the biggest sucker for comfort. If it was acceptable, I’d definitely wear my dressing gown into college. I love fashion, styling outfits etc, but when it comes to everyday wear, I couldn’t care less. If I’m going to be in college/work all day at a computer than who cares what I look like? I don’t!

I do understand that there’s a line though and first impressions are important, that’s why I’ve been making a conscious effort to dress better regardless of what I’m doing. It’s hard because some days I don’t even want to get out of bed, never mind dress myself. Ok, I realise I sound like a slob but most days looking good is the last thing on my mind. That’s why I’ve been making a note of little style hacks that’ll help the laziest of girls look stylish.

Go Oversized For Maximum Comfort

Lazy girls rejoice, the oversized look is in! I personally love this style, a) because I’m not too fond tight, figure hugging clothes and b) this style suits my body type (aka. beanpole). Oversized sweaters are my step above wearing that dressing gown, but they’re socially acceptable to wear outdoors!

Retailers like Boohoo, Missguided and Penneys are great for trends like these. I got this jumper from Boohoo for only €10 and it came in a variety of colours. The off-the-shoulder or cold shoulder trend has been in for quite a while now so it’s the perfect combination!

Looks Can Be Deceiving

This is a shout out to my new burgundy skirt. It’s a leather look mini (also from Boohoo) and is surprisingly comfy. When I think of leather skirts I think tight, uncomfortable and slightly restricting. I guess because this is only imitation leather it doesn’t come with these hinderances. I always feel more dressed up in a skirt or dress than jeans so it’s nice to find one as comfy.

I’m really glad I bought this because I very nearly took it out of my basket. The whole reason I put it in there was to aid my mission in dressing better so I told myself if I didn’t like it I’d return it. As it turned out, there was absolutely no need!

The Devil's In The Details

The smallest of things can pull an outfit together. Whether it be throwing on some jewellery or even painting your nails, the littlest things can make a difference. When I go out somewhere nice I always throw my watch on as it makes my wrist look less bare. For this outfit, I had the perfect burgundy nail polish to match my skirt so I painted my nails. I hadn’t actually worn nail polish in ages (out of more laziness) but I think it really ties the look together. I’ve also thrown out all my tights that have ladders in them because as we all know, those little rips end up becoming huge tears and look super scruffy.

lazy girl's guide

lazy girl's guide

lazy girl's guideShot by Lorna Duffy

So there it is! A quick lazy girl’s guide on looking stylish with minimal effort! Let me know if you’ve any other good style hacks.

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lazy girl's guide

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