Vodafone DIT Fashion Show 2015

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As I explained on my Facebook page I’ve been off the walls this last week and I’m back with a post all about why!

Last Tuesday night was the big day, the fashion show that DIT’s fashion soc students put their heart and soul into was finally here! 11078133_742286329222608_1123423417787325470_nAs I was a model, I had to be in Vicar St. bright and early for hair, makeup and a press call, as I was also modelling for Alice Langton, one of the 10 finalist in the student design competition.

NO FEE 458 Vodafone DIT Fa

“Craft Explorer” by NCAD student Alice Langton modelled by Mei Ling Tong, “We are the flowers in your Dustbins” by LSAD student Mollie Sinnot modelled by Nagel Nsah, “Oriental Blossom” by Grafton Academy student Shauna Harrison modelled by Eda Nur and by Griffith College student Lamis Goumma modelled my Nicholas Marnitz

Makeup Forever supplied the makeup and Robert Chambers, the hair. I love the slicked back look they did on me, the only problem was my hair is super fine so it nearly had a whole bottle of hairspray used on it.20388_1072767326073762_8231298615650024292_n

The doors of Vicar St. didn’t open until 7.30 and the show itself started at 8.15. I must admit, I got pretty nervous waiting back stage as there had been so much work gone into the show and so many people turned up to see it.

Once the show actually began and I walked out for the first time I felt fine! I walked in 6 different sections; Cultural Fusion, Asian Persuasion, Indian Summer, Aloha Hawaii, Irish Design and Student Design.

Cultural Fusion: Wearing Borrower's Boutique

Cultural Fusion: Wearing Borrower’s Boutique

Indian Summer: Wearing Dorothy Perkins

Indian Summer: Wearing Dorothy Perkins

Asian Persuasion: Wearing Coast

Asian Persuasion: Wearing Coast

Aloha Hawaii: Wearing swimwear

Aloha Hawaii: Wearing swimwear

Irish design: Wearing Charlotte's Love

Irish design: Wearing Charlotte’s Love

Student Design: Wearing Alice Langton

Student Design: Wearing Alice Langton

The big finale and my favourite picture of the night. I was blowing a kiss to Dan :P

The big finale and my favourite picture of the night. I was blowing a kiss to Dan 😛

After the show was over, it was time to announce the student design winner. Alice and I were waiting backstage and the two of us were absolutely delighted when they called her name in 3rd place. It was such a perfect way to end my evening. Joint second place went to Mollie Sinnot and Shauna Harrison, while 1st place went to Lamis Goumma!


11144417_1585484151689621_3832731526056420071_nThe production was crazy good, the stage looked amazing and the confetti canons at the end were a brilliant surprise. The afterparty was held in The Hangar, but I didn’t even end up staying too long as I was absolutely hanging and desperately needed some sleep!

Overall, it was a brilliant experience and all the rehearsals and work put in felt so worth it in the end! A major congrats to Lorcan Bell and Diana VoLovei for winning the First Options modelling contract, Lamis Goumma for winning the student design competition and a huge thanks to everyone who made the night possible! Big credit to all the photographers too and for the images in this post; Taz Photos, Jerry McCarthy, Richie Buttle Photography, Sasko Lasarov and Ruthless Imagery Photography.

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