What it’s like to… be a barista.

I’m a dealer in the world’s most socially accepted drug, also known as coffee. ☕️



Obviously, working in a coffee shop isn’t what I see myself doing for the next 10 years, but for the the moment it makes a fine part-time job. To tell you the truth, before I started working as a barista, I didn’t even drink coffee!! (gasps of shock and horror) My relationship with my current job is that of a love/hate kind. There will be days when I literally can’t wait to get to work and times when I’ll be so sick of it, that I never want to see another feckin’ coffee bean again! So I’ve compiled a list of some of the good and bad things that come with the job, in case you’re interested. ?


I can make loads of different and awesome coffees! Something which I actually like doing! The art of coffee making is actually incredibly interesting and delicate, even if it can get tiresome at times.

Some people are forever grateful I’m supplying them with their caffeine fix and leave generous tips. Ca-ching! Though I wouldn’t want to be relying on tips, as like anything, you can have good and bad days!coinsI always like talking to new people (as long as they’re friendly) and I’ve met a few really nice people during my time as a barista. Whether it be the regulars I see daily or just random passers by who I might never see again, having someone appreciate what you do and show it in a smile or compliment always leaves me feeling good!

Freebies! Of course I had to mention the free drinks, cause let’s face it, who doesn’t like free stuff? Although my particular store does have a restriction of 2 free drinks per day for staff, I still make damn sure I make the most of it! If I’m feeling particularly tired, I’ll have a caramel latte with 3 sugars plus extra foam and chocolate toppings (so unhealthy, I know) or if I just feel like being refreshed, I’ll opt for a lemon ice tea. It’s especially fun when you’re bored and decide to try and make new concoctions that aren’t even on the menu, so far I haven’t come up with anything spectacular yet, but give me time!

I love the fact that there’s diversity in my job. Some days if I’m feeling especially grumpy and not in the mood for talking to people I’ll make the coffee, other times if I’m tired or don’t feel like standing next to a giant coffee machine that radiates heat, I’ll serve customers. In between those two tasks there’s always cleaning, stocking up and paperwork to do.. yay! ?


The heat is unbearable! Man, my workplace is like a bloody steam room if it gets any bit sunny outside! On top of that, I’m surrounded by various machines that are warm to boiling from constant use; the coffee/milkshake machine, the steamer, the water taps… asdfghjkl ?

People can be so damn rude sometimes! I’ve worked in customer service orientated jobs before, but believe me, there’s nothing worse than a tired/hungover/grumpy customer who just wants their morning coffee and doesn’t care who they have to upset to get it. There are times when I’ve literally been treated worse than the sh#t on some people’s shoes! ?Personally I would try and be as nice as possible to someone who has the ability to eff up my beverage… or poison it.. mwahahaha. ( I joke, I joke, I don’t poison people’s coffees…usually ?)


I actually wrote the above paragraph before finding this pic.. I guess baristas share mutual feelings!

There is more work involved in being a barista than you’d think. I wish I spent all day perfecting latte art and frothing cappuccinos! Unfortunately, most of my shift consists of cleaning up the mess I make and making more of a mess while cleaning… I’m a messy person, in case you couldn’t guess. ?

Constantly standing on your feet gets super tiring and there are days when I come home and I just want to chop my feet off. Ok,maybe I’m slightly over exaggerating, but it is a weary job! ?

You would not believe the level of stupid questions/remarks I get everyday. A common example is someone asking for a black coffee then asking me, in an angry tone, I might add, why I didn’t put milk in it. I just have to do my best not to throw their coffee back in their faces and instead, force a smile and apologise. ?

All in all, I do like my job and am grateful that I have one. It sure is a lot better than my last job, which I could possibly write a novel about (or at least another blog post), but I’ll leave that to another day!

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