What it's like to… get a scare

Right so today I’m going to talk (or write) about something completely unrelated to fashion/beauty/ and whatever other vapid things I usually blather on about.

Today I went for an ultrasound… No I’m not pregnant nor did I think I was.
Before Christmas I found a lump, well my boyfriend did, but that’s besides the point.
It was and still is, in my left breast and only until I noticed it, did I realize it’s sore to touch.
So I worriedly went to the college doctor, well actually I had to see the nurse first then make another appointment to see the doctor. This did not help my anxiety.at. all. The doctor wasn’t really worried she said it was most likely a “fibroadenoma” or benign tumour, but still she got me an appointment in the breast clinic at St James.
So in January I went along to a hospital I knew nothing about. It took me forever to find the damn ward too. While I sat in the waiting room watching Jeremy Kyle try sort out some utterly dis functional family’s problems I questioned why this was happening to me. What if the lump wasn’t benign?  I’m only 19 for Christ’s sake. The doctor there said the same thing as the one in the college but still wanted to send me for an ultra sound. Why? If it was benign, why did I need all these appointments!?
Today I got that ultra sound, and no need to worry it’s all good! The doctor even told me that 20/30% of girls my age get a fibroadenoma. Only if it’s 3cm in size will they remove it (mine is 2.2cm in case you were curious).IMG_5955
If this is so, then why didn’t I know? That then got me thinking, why aren’t we told about this in school? If what I got was this common, then shouldn’t everyone be aware of this? I truly feel that the Irish education system is letting us down. In the midst of being constantly crammed literature and algebra down our throats could they not take a second to teach us about real life important things like STDs, lumps and how to file our taxes. I sure as hell would have appreciated some of that knowledge.
So I urge you to spread the word on not only breast awareness but on life awareness. Let your kids/younger sibling/anyone who needs your help know what’s going on, what can happen and how to deal with it. We might sometimes act like we know everything, but we don’t.





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