What it's like to… move away from home! ?

So as a lot of you already know, I’ve moved.

Not only did I move out of home, I also moved county! Yes, Mei Ling is currently living it up in the Big Smoke! There were many factors in my decision to move to Dublin, some personal and some profession/education wise but over all, I think it was the right thing to do.


Obviously, this was a massive step for me, as it is for any teenager! Not only that, but my boyfriend and I decided to get a place together so that’s another pretty big step in one’s life! I’m well used to moving though. This place is my 6th home and 5th move in my lifetime! Of course that doesn’t make it any easier. First we had to find a decent/ affordable place (impossible!), then we had to pack everything up (even worse!! Especially with all my clothes! ?), then we had to physically move! And with neither of us owning a car, that proved fairly tricky. Between the two of us, I think we must have taken the bus up around 6 times to get everything sorted! Our final trip up was via train as we had the dog to bring too!

IMG_3777                                          IMG_3780


Unfortunately, the work wasn’t over even though we had everything up. We had to go into town and buy a duvet, pillows, duvet covers, cutlery, dishes, pretty much everything you can think of! It all adds up too! Before you know it you’ve spent a bomb! Panic stations! I have to say, I am enjoying doing up my own place how I want to. I previously posted a picture on my Facebook regarding my new bed covers, which I adore! Our new bed is also kingsize which is awesome! The covers were 25e from Dunnes and the cute wicker lights above are Penneys, 8e!



I’ve got to say though, I absolutely love the freedom of living in my own place! I’m still getting used to the whole doing my own grocery shopping and finding my way around the place malarkey but I’m getting there! Hopefully I’m completely settled before college starts! ?



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