What I’ve been up to; Exams, Awards and Workshops.

Hey guys!

Really sorry I’ve been so MIA lately!

I was up to my eyes the last two weeks as I had exams but I’m done now! I think most of them went well so I’m pretty pleased. 🙂

I finished my exams on Thursday and that was actually the night of the IbbAwards. (Irish Beauty Blog Awards) That was a really good night, I mean I wasn’t shortlisted for anything, I had been long listed for the best fashion blog but I knew I was going to get anywhere, besides, I personally think I’m more of a beauty blog if anything!CFoe5gNWAAAOHTO

There was so many bloggers there, Lillies were it was being held, was packed! I actually ended up going for drinks afterwards with Joanne Larby from the “Make Up Fairy” , Kumar, Georgia and Sinead. Georgia also runs a really cool blog and youtube about keeping fit and gym workouts, so definitely give her a look if you’re interested in that. http://www.georgiasfitlife.com



Then on Saturday while I was at work I got a call from my agent to say could I do So Sue Me’s workshop the next day! That was really last minute but I was so excited to be asked. The workshop was being held in Waterford so I got the bus down that night. I probably packed in like five minutes, just threw shoes and underwear into my suitcase. That night we just got everything prepared for the next morning for the workshop. All the models had their own house on the grounds too which was pretty cool! IMG_6689We were modelling for Sue’s fashion show and her fashion staples. I wore six outfits all from River Island, Oasis and Warehouse. It was actually great craic and it was cool to see the workshop happening because I’ve never been to one before.IMG_668811218478_691933934267889_7383468229109325021_nWe then legged it home, four of us in the car with like a million banners, a make up chair and around three different suitcases. The car was absolutely jammers, thank God Grace had a jeep with her!IMG_6719

I was wrecked when I got home but delighted I had the opportunity to do that over the weekend!

So that’s pretty much me, in other news I’ve started a new blog related snapchat. I kind of felt like I was annoying all my friends with my blog snaps so my new Snapchat is “darlingbudsofme”, unfortunately I couldn’t fit the “i” in my username which is really annoying but it’s better than nothing I suppose!IMG_6767I’ll be posting  blog related snaps like events, press releases, mini reviews I can do on products, so yeah, that’s kind of an exciting new thing to have. Definitely as I’m free from college now I’ll be much more regular with my posting, so keep watch!





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