What’s it like to… have a terrible job.

For a brief period of time I did door-to-door sales…

Working in sales is a competitive, hard and frustrating job. If you add working door-to-door to that, you get a competitive, hard, frustrating, tiring, emotional, self deprecating and soul crushing mess.

At the beginning of my gap year, I badly needed a job. I had nothing to do with my time and all I could think about, was how I wished I’d stayed in Hong Kong instead of being stuck here and watching all my friends go to college. When the opportunity for a job in sales came up, I had no hesitation in going in for an interview. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into, even the training day gave very little insight into what this job actually entailed! What I did get from the training day was that this was a rewarding job, if I was good at it and my new boss seemed to be a happy-go-lucky guy I’d get on with well. If only I knew…

For the first 2-3 weeks things were great! Ok, the constant walking around was hard and super tiring and I soon had to get over my fear of talking to strangers, but surprisingly enough, I was happy. The main reason for this was the people I worked with. I’ve honestly never had so much working while I was with these guys. I loved the hour in the morning from 11 to 12 where we’d go over our dialogues, make tea, have the chats and occasionally participate in the great ‘office olympics’! (Which really just consisted of racing each other on wheelie chairs.) Or the hour we got for lunch that we’d spend at various different petrol stations, eating ridiculously unhealthy food. I especially loved when it hit 9 o’clock each Friday night and we were finished for the week and the whole group would go out for drinks.

Unfortunately, sales isn’t something many people last long in. After a while, I had to see people I’d grown close to be cruelly let go, just as quick as they’d been brought in. When I made team leader, the happy atmosphere I’d been enjoying shifted immediately for me. Suddenly, I was under immense pressure to bring in sales (or links, as we called them) and let me tell you, trying to get people to subscribe to a dog charity is no easy feat. I had my own team of newbies to train in and it was on me if they didn’t perform well. We were getting a lot of heat from management up in Dublin and that caused a domino effect. Because our boss’s boss was angry at him, he was angry at us, and we were just angry in general! The long days were really starting to take a toll on me too, I was always exhausted and could feel my happiness diminishing by the second. 

It eventually came down to me being so unhappy, that’d I’d come home from work every day and just cry. I also took it out on the wrong people, ie. my mother, which resulted in them being unhappy too. I never saw my friends from outside work, as I literally never had time. This job completely consumed me and because of how close everyone was, it came with the territory that work soon became very personal. Everyone knew everyone’s business and of course drama will always ensue. I mean you know it’s bad when even the boss is involved. In the end I couldn’t take it anymore, the last 3 months had been enough, so I left. I left a job I was actually pretty good at, well, I hadn’t been fired yet! I left a job that I hated, but was so consumed by it that when I quit, I balled my eyes out. But enough was enough.

Knowing first hand what door-to-door is like, I’m going to tell you this, don’t trust any salesperson that comes to your door. Not all, but a lot, will say anything to get that sale and they don’t care what they have to do to get it. My moral compass was all over the place by the time I’d finished, as we were told to say certain things and like a moron, I whole heartedly believed everything I pitched to be true. Unfortunately, not everyone is a naive as me, and they know they’re telling lies, they just don’t care. ?

In the end, and this is going to sound super cliched, but if I could, I wouldn’t change anything. Reason being, is I got the best thing I’ve ever had, out of this job, my boyfriend. Clouds with silver linings and all that.

So, on that positive note ? I shall end this post. Of course, this is only my opinion on door-to-door and if you think differently, that’s fine too! I’d love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on this matter, so don’t be afraid to voice it! ☺️



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